“Stress makes me Worry” is the new digital rub-a-dub banger with an important message from Tom Spirals and Wicked & Bonny.




In this truly chaotic time it’s more important to be kind to ourselves than ever , the lyrics in this track are a message Tom Spirals has written to himself and to anyone else who finds themselves caught in up in their own heads. “Don’t go crazy , Take it easy Keep the mission fun!”.



Tom delivers this message over an expertly crafted rub a dub groove that maintains all the weight and drive of Wicked’ n’ Bonny’s most recent productions. This serious single, available alongside the instrumental, is accompanied by a stunning graphic in a 90’ comic book style by renowned Manchester based designer MostIll86 and, has in turn, been animated into a wicked lyric video by SirGulliverarts outta Munich.

This track is their first official release together but the musical relationship between Markus (Wicked & Bonny) and Tom Spirals has been blossoming for 5 years, first meeting at ‘Mandrea Festival’ in the Italian mountains in 2015 and going on to tour and perform live together all around Europe and the UK.