Legend has it, that two musicians were taken awa’ by the faeries to play for them at their ceilidh dance. When the pair returned hame, naebody believed where they had been! All they had to prove it was a new collection of otherworldly tunes they had learned!


These very same tunes are now available on a beautifully designed 12” Vinyl and for digital download!

An Dannsa Dub (The Dub Dance in Gaelic) is the brainchild of dub producer / singer Tom Spirals and Scottish traditional musician Euan McLaughlin. It fuses the mystic energy and instruments of traditional Gaelic songs with the heavy, meditative, driving basslines of dub music. Spiral’s and Mclaughlin have created a project that shines a light on the magic of traditional Scottish culture and stands up loud & proud in the soundsystem arena.



“Sounds like the best ceilidh you’ll ever go to in your life, but on steroids” – Phoebe Inglis-Holmes, BBC Music Introducing


tom spirals


The concept behind the EP is based on an old Scottish story from the Orkney Islands, re-written by Tom Spirals and narrated by renowned storyteller Gillian Macdonald on the first track of the EP. The tale has also been brought to life as a music video, shot in stunning scottish locations including ‘The Crawick Multiverse’ , and features breathtaking dance choreography from Sanchez & Rigg aswell as a performance and vocals from Gaelic singer of the Year Ellen Macdonald!