Reggae.Si Interview: Max RubaDub

2 November 2023

🔥 Immerse yourself in the rhythmic vibes of reggae and dancehall as we sit down with the sensational DJ and producer, Max RubaDub!

david boomah

Reggae.Si Interview: David Boomah

8 October 2023

 Dive into the vibrant world of jungle and drum and bass with the legendary artist and singer, David Boomah! 🎤 Our team had the incredible opportunity to catch up with him during his Balkan tour with Roots in Session, and we’re thrilled to share this exclusive interview with you. 🌍 David Boomah, a well-established figure […]

angus taylor Jure Miklosic

Reggae.Si Interview: Angus Taylor

12 August 2023

🎤 Exclusive Interview with Music Journalist Angus Taylor 🎵📰 Dive into the depths of the reggae music industry with an exceptional interview featuring music journalist Angus Taylor. In this unique conversation, we’ll uncover deeper insights into the music scene through the eyes of an experienced journalist.


Reggae.Si intervju: Raggalution

7 August 2023

🎤 Intervju z Raggalution na Overjam Festivalu 2022 🎵🌟 Pripravite se na nepozabno srečanje s skupino Raggalution. V ekskluzivnem intervjuju vas bo Kaja Stegovec popeljala na glasbeno potovanje skupine Raggalution in razkrila čarobnost njihovih dušo ganejočih nastopov.

Reggae.Si interview: Paolo Baldini

27 July 2023

🎤 Paolo Baldini Interview at Overjam Festival 2022 🎵🌟 Get ready to be enthralled by the magnetic presence of Paolo Baldini, the acclaimed reggae maestro, as he graced the stage at Overjam Festival 2022. In this exclusive interview, our host, Dr. Bancho, delves deep into Paolo Baldini’s musical journey and unravels the magic behind his […]

Reggae.Si interview: Queen Omega

26 July 2023

🎤 Queen Omega Interview at Overjam Festival 2022 🎵🌟 Prepare to be captivated by the regal presence of Queen Omega, the iconic reggae sensation, as she takes the stage at Overjam Festival 2022. In this exclusive interview, we delve into the depths of her musical journey and explore the essence of her soul-stirring performances.

Reggae.Si Interview: Mellow Mood 8/22

11 February 2023

Mellow Mood is no stranger to Slovenian stages so it was just a matter of time before we caught them in front of our mic. This is our channel’s debut interview from Kaja, but we hope it will not be the last one.     Interview: Kaja Stegovec Recorded at Overjam Festival Audio Edit Pier-RootsInSession […] interview

Reggae.Si Intervju: Tadiman 8/22

9 February 2023

Tadiman je nekdo s katerim se je vedno zabavno pogovarjati. Na sceni je prisoten že toliko let, da ima vedno kaj zanimivega za povedati. Tokrat se je v zaoderju Overjam festivala z njim pogovarjal AndraŽ Mauko Žare.     Intervju: Andraž Mauko – Žare Audio edit & mix Pier-RootsInSession Video edit & mix Jure Miklošič

Reggae.Si Interview: Pablo Raster

17 January 2023

It is always a joy talking to Pablo Raster, who is no stranger to Slovenian dance floors. This time he will visit Slovenia with legendary Bunna from Africa Unite, which was enough reason for us to call him.

skarra mucci

Reggae.Si interview: Skarra Mucci

3 January 2023

Skarra Mucci is always fun to talk with. His positive energy can be felt on and off the stage! This time we caught him in the backstage of Overjam Festival where Žare took likkle of Skarra’s time for this interview.   Interview: Andraž Mauko – Žare Recorded at Overjam Festival Audio Edit Pier-RootsInSession Sound Video […]

Reggae.Si interview: Max Romeo 2022

18 October 2022

We were at Overjam 2022 where one of the headliners was legendary Max Romeo with whom we did an interview! Dr. Bancho was the honoured one!

dennis bovell interview

Reggae.Si interview: Dennis Bovell

12 April 2022

We are excited to announce that we uploaded this great interview with the one and only, Mr. Dennis Bovell!

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