A song produced by Badberchin Production and delivered by Dre Ja, an artist, producer, writer, and composer. Dre Ja’s music showcases his extensive knowledge and his ability to create potent and impactful songs. Among his repertoire, the song “Processor” stands out as an extraordinary piece.


How do you know when a song is truly exceptional? It’s when you find yourself compelled to “Pull-Up” the song and start over while listening to it. Slowly, you try to grasp the vision and fully understand the concept and lyrics as they permeate your mind. The artist wants you to not only hear the words but also feel the message and the emotions conveyed through the music and lyrical content.



“Processor” explores the essence of life. While some may view life as simple, those who have faced complex situations know that it goes beyond surface appearances. Life is a journey, and for some, it can feel like navigating a maze or traversing a tunnel. The confusion arises when individuals fail to comprehend the true nature of this system and instead strive to be like others, disregarding their own unique wisdom and experiences.

The song “Processor” sheds light on how the system can hinder personal growth and progress. Rather than succumbing to the pressures of life and losing sight of one’s vision and focus, it urges individuals to fight the battles they encounter. The lyrics express the struggle: “When you zoom upon mi face, you see the pain even when the sun is shining, you still feel the rain” – it’s tough. “The future doesn’t look bright, the third eye covered with window curtains” – unable to see any light.

“Processor” serves as a motivational anthem, capable of penetrating deep into the mind and soul, awakening individuals from their unconscious state of mind. The fight has been ongoing for a long time, and the quest for justice and rights remains elusive. It emphasizes that success is not about fame but about determination. The song acknowledges the spirits of the ancestors and asserts that the level of success one achieves is often born out of pain.


The message is clear: don’t give up now!



In conclusion, “Processor” by Dre Ja is a remarkable song that transcends the boundaries of ordinary music. Its profound lyrics and captivating composition have the power to inspire and motivate listeners. Through introspection and an understanding of life’s complexities, the song urges individuals to fight against the obstacles that impede their growth and strive for success. It is a reminder to embrace one’s unique wisdom and persevere, for the journey of life is both challenging and rewarding.