Jeo Da Dancer
‘Jeo’ born Jevonnie Flemming came dancing into the world on the 24 th of January in 1991. He was born in Brooklyn and is the by product of parents who were dancers in their youth and in the arts, this exposure to all things rhythmic marinated in his veins as early as age 2. Displaying interest in music and dance the inspiration that had the most impact on him was The King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Jeo would spend hours practicing, learning routines and then publically showing off his moves at school, dance parties, and showcases as he matured from a young artist into a professional dancer and Choreographer. One of Jeo's other nicknames is also The Dancehall King of Pop. His most memorable career highlight was performing on Amateur Night at the World Famous Apollo Theatre, rocking the crowd and walking away with 1st place. From dance competitions, talent shows and more, Jeo has consistently took home the top prizes, earning cash and trophies. Although his success seemed evident, it was almost derailed early in 2012, Jeo was involved in an incident that left him hospitalized with a wired jaw. Still persevering, Jeo continued to take his craft seriously and trained even harder to over come any obstacle that came his way. Overcoming the odds and keeping his dreams in front of him Jeo, now older and more mature had to find a way sustain himself as a young man and find his own path.

Teaching dance was an outlet and has always been somewhat fluent to Jeo, especially having younger siblings and coming from a creative household. His younger sister, also an established Dancehall Queen, was his first protégé and main student. Teaching and becoming a teaching artist allowed Jeo’s unique style and ability to blend different techniques from street jazz, to hip hop to dance hall to salsa made him a very sought after choreographer.

Presently, JEO the Dancer aka Jeo Da Dancer" has appeared and choreographed hundreds of music videos to date. With an ever increasing resume under his belt he has his sights to do more internationally. He's multifaceted he writes lyrics, deejay, raps, acting chops and is currently the host of his own television segment called ‘Dancers Corner’. In his own words he says ‘I see my self reaching far in the music industry and also going down in history sharing the love that I have with all people in the world.
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