I don’t write reviews of music or albums, untill I do! This tune from Nadirah X is pure FIRE and even dough it is not reggae, it still deserves my attention! So here is my review of a song “Nadz” named FIRE! This announces her next project “Never from Nowhere”, a project i personally been waiting and expecting for some time now. Its a book of poetry accompanied by some sweet music.



Once again Nadirah X opens her soul and serves us energetic tune soaked with meaningful lyrics. This tune can be inspiration to lots of people and if you listen to her carefully it can help you get rid of your shackles and yuh get the feeling you can recharge your energy trough it/her. Expect no embellishment and no sweet words as this is real music from real life experience. You dont need to be hip hop fan to like this song! Its enough to like powerful lyrics and truly good production, something Nadz has spoiled us with trough her music over the years.
With bourbon inna hand and Peter Tosh on headphones, talking about own vision and fire inna her soul, Nadirah X once again made charismatic song, full of conscious messages and with her signature versatile flow, that only she is able to pull off.
Even if song title wouldn’ be Fire, that don’t changes the fact that is exactly that! Get ready for that red zone!