Reggae.Si intervju: Banana Zvuk

Written by on 30 December 2021

Pier je krivec za še naš zadnji intervju v letu 2021. Kaj imajo skupnega banana, roba in zvok? Poslušajte intervju in vse vam bo jasno!   Snemano v studiu / Ljubljana Audio Edit & Mix (Pier-RootsInSession) Video Edit & Mix Jst – Jure Miklošič

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Reggae.Si interview: Jahcoustix & Jamaram

Written by on 5 October 2021

Overjam festival is such a lovely place to catch artists from all over the world. Pier and Zhare caught Jahcoustix and Jamaram just before their performance together. Great vibes on stage and also during the interview. Thanks guyz for your time and looking forward to seeing you again. Preferably again on Overjam!

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Reggae.Si interview: Forelock

Written by on 27 September 2021

Straight after his performance on Overjam 2021 we cought Forelock in backstage. We seized the opportunity and recorded this quick interview. You could hear part of it on RiddimOperator RadioShow but only here you can hear full interview.       Interview: Jure Miklošič – Jst Recorded at Overjam festival 2021 Audio Edit & Mix […]

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Reggae.Si interview: Africa Unite

Written by on 5 September 2021

One of the acts on Overjam 2021 was also Africa Unite. A group that has been on a scene for 40 years! It was a must to do interview with them.   Interview: Andraž Mauko – Žare Recorded at Overjam festival 2021 Audio Edit & Mix (Pier-RootsInSession) Video: Tyfenn Comparot & Anouk Schober

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