Dive into the vibrant world of jungle and drum and bass with the legendary artist and singer, David Boomah!

🎤 Our team had the incredible opportunity to catch up with him during his Balkan tour with Roots in Session, and we’re thrilled to share this exclusive interview with you.
🌍 David Boomah, a well-established figure in the jungle and drum and bass scene, shares insights into his musical journey and experiences while touring through Slovenia. 🇸🇮

Join us as we explore the dynamic fusion of beats and culture that defines his unique sound.
🎙️ From his beginnings to the current state of the jungle and drum and bass genre, David Boomah opens up about the evolution of his craft and the impact of his collaboration with Roots in Session. Get ready for an inside look at the artist’s creative process, inspirations, and the energy he brings to each performance.



Interview: Andraž Mauko – Žare
Recorded in studio Soundart.si / Ljubljana
Audio Edit & Mix (Pier-RootsInSession)
Video edit: Andraž Mauko – Žare & Jure Miklošič