Reggae.Si interview: Africa Unite

Written by on 5 September 2021

One of the acts on Overjam 2021 was also Africa Unite. A group that has been on a scene for 40 years! It was a must to do interview with them.   Interview: Andraž Mauko – Žare Recorded at Overjam festival 2021 Audio Edit & Mix (Pier-RootsInSession) Video: Tyfenn Comparot & Anouk Schober

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Reggae.Si interview: Dub FX & Mr. Woodnote

Written by on 4 September 2021

At the backstage of Overjam festival 2021 we cought Dub Fx and Mr Woodnote and recorded this short interview, part of which you could hear in RiddimOperator RadioShow, but only here you can hear and watch the whole interview.       Interview: Andraž Mauko – Žare Recorded at Overjam festival 2021 Audio Edit & […]

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Reggae.Si interview: Seamus Ikonya

Written by on 6 August 2021

  Andraž Mauko Žare called Seamu Ikonya and they had a lovely likkle chat. Part of interview was aired on RiddimOperator RadioShow on Radio Student Ljubljana, but only on Reggae.Si You can hear and see it in whole  Interview: Andraž Mauko – Žare Recorded in studio / Ljubljana Edit & Mix (Pier-RootsInSession)

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Reggae.Si interview: Dreadsquad

Written by on 10 June 2021

We called Marek Bogdanski, better known as Dreadsquad and had a quick chat with him. Main reason we called was new release with Tom Spirals and song “She Shook Me Up”, that we already introduced to our followers (  We also talked about other things, but you will know more if you listen to interview. […]

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Reggae.Si interview: Joseph Cotton

Written by on 17 March 2021

Joseph Cotton is a legend of reggae music. He has signed under countless releases and hits that have delighted us past 40 years and more. Years ago, he also visited the Overjam Festival, where he performed alongside Manudigital. Already there we got along well and chatted and it was only a matter of time before […]

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Reggae.Si interview: SugahSpank & Blend Mishkin

Written by on 22 February 2021

    Our reporter Žare called to sunny Greece and did conference call with SugahSpank and Blend Mishkin and recorded new interview for RiddimOperator RadioShow and our page Reggae.Si.   Interview: Andraž Mauko Recorded in studio / Ljubljana Edit & Mix (Pier-RootsInSession)

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