Reggae.Si interview: Niceness

6 April 2021

Reggae group Niceness comes outta Colorado and they just released their second album – Realize

Reggae.Si interview: Joseph Cotton

17 March 2021

Joseph Cotton is a legend of reggae music. He has signed under countless releases and hits that have delighted us past 40 years and more. Years ago, he also visited the Overjam Festival, where he performed alongside Manudigital. Already there we got along well and chatted and it was only a matter of time before […]

Reggae.Si intervju: Tadiman

27 February 2021

  Ob izdaji svojega prvenca Soljahs Of Love, smo poklicali Tadimana

Reggae.Si interview: SugahSpank & Blend Mishkin

22 February 2021

    Our reporter Žare called to sunny Greece and did conference call with SugahSpank and Blend Mishkin and recorded new interview for RiddimOperator RadioShow and our page Reggae.Si.   Interview: Andraž Mauko Recorded in studio / Ljubljana Edit & Mix (Pier-RootsInSession)

Reggae.Si intervju: Jovan Matić (Del Arno Band)

14 February 2021

Jovan Matić je legenda jugoslovanske reggae scene in prav veseli smo, da je Pier uspel narediti intervju z njim. Del intervjuja ste lahko slišali na Radio Študent v oddaji RiddimOperator RadioShow, le na Reggae.Si pa je na voljo v celoti! Intervju: Pier Snemano v studiu / Ljubljana Edit & Mix (Pier-RootsInSession)

Reggae.Si intervju: Anja G & Dr.Obi

5 February 2021

Žare je klical na sosednjo Hrvaško in se pogovarjal z Anjo G & Dr.Obi.

Reggae.Si intervju: Marko Gaćina – Brain Holidays

5 January 2021

Ob nedavnem izidu albuma “Jamaican Connection” skupine Brain Holidays, smo poklicali Marka Gaćino, pevca skupine in razvil se je dolg pogovor, ki ga je vodil Andraž Mauko – Žare. Več o albumu: Del intervjuja ste lahko že slišali v radijski oddaji RiddimOperator Radioshow, le pri nas pa je na voljo v celoti!     […]

Reggae.Si interview: Soom T

11 November 2020

We called Soom T over phone becuse we wanted to talk about latest album release – The Arch. We had lots of fun so interview got a bit longer then we thought.

Reggae.Si interview: SumeRR (2020)

11 November 2020

We called SumeRR once again after the remix she did with Roots in Session Sound from Slovenia and once again we had fun talking with her.

Reggae.Si intervju: KočevSKA Orkestra

11 November 2020

KočevSKA Orkestra deluje od leta 2017, ko se je 7 dolgoletnih prijateljev odločilo, da bo začelo preigravati glasbo, ki jo resnično obožujejo.

Reggae.Si interview: Neil Perch (Zion Train)

11 November 2020

Last show on main stage at Overjam Festival 2019 was reserved for Zion Train and we cought Neil Perch just before he hit the stage.

Reggae.Si interview: Israel Vibration

11 November 2020

It is a great honor to be talking with legendery Israel Vibration. We cought them at Overjam 2019 backstage, where Wiss and Skelly took time exclusively for our media!         Audio edit : Pier Interview: Jure Miklošič Photos and video: Domen Hrovatin

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