Julij 06, 2020

    Bramma blog

    Bramma blog
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    Check out Irie Souljah live at Vinyl Thursday's singing his big ganja tune "Elevate Your Thoughts".

    The debut solo album from one of the most prominent talents on the European Reggae scene – Irie Souljah is finally available! Immigrant was recorded in the Jamaican town where this Catalan artist has been residing since 2014.

    This work is the product of his new life on the Caribbean island, where he has been warmly welcomed by the local community as well as established Reggae artists and up and coming stars of the so-called ‘Reggae Revival’ scene who have been involved in this album project.

    Immigrant consists of 10 tracks and 3 dub versions, written and produced by Irie Souljah who dedicates this work to all the people who have to leave their countries to search for a better life – economically and spiritually, especially those African brothers who struggle to cross borders.


    Stand out tracks include the album ‘s first single, Learn and Grow – the video for which has been a great success, the album’s title track Who is the Immigrant, Jah Jah Children Rise Up in collaboration with Jesse Royal, and Inna di Mood, featuring Kabaka Pyramid.

    Some of the tracks from Immigrant will have been heard during the tour which took Irie Souljah e Cocoa Tea across Europe last June. Irie Souljah and his Kingston based band the Black Army are already preparing for their new European tour, beginning early 2016.

    Released on Nice Time Productions. Post-produced and remixed by Genís Trani (Reggaeland) in Barcelona. Mastered by Alex Psaroudakis (M Works Mastering Studios) in Boston.

    Bramma blog
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    Its a New Rockers Roots mixtape majority of the first half of the year 2015. Combining the best hits songs like "Who Knows" by Protoje ft Chronixx or "Eesy Breezy" by Micah Shemaiah ft Exile di Brave and riddims like "Imperial Crown" , "Rootsman" or "Muddy Road" .

    I'm currently working on the selection of part 2 or even part 3 cuz nuff big Roots n Culture tunes and riddims made last & this year already so watch out for more upcoming mixtape. UP!!


    Micah Shemaiah ft Exile Di Brave - Easy Breezy

    Sevana - Bit too Shy

    Chronixx ft Protoje - Who knows

    Iba Mahr - Diamond Sox

    Keida - Stand for Something

    and many more...




    Bramma blog
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    This week episode "Bramma's back from Yard", features bagga new upcoming youths, new tunes & we premiere a few EP's and LP's like "LORDS OF THE LANDS" by Eesah and Silkki Wonda, "UNO" by Shanique Marie, "Move In" by Ruckus.... and way more 
    Fresh New Roots talent from Jamaica!

    To keep the balance right between old and new Rockers, this week special guest selection by mi bredda Natty Chaps (Birth Right Music) from Kingston, Jamaica. Enjoy the crucial Roots Selection, a musical trip from the past to the present, hosted by Natty Chaps himself! Sit back, relax & enjoy the show.



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