April 09, 2020

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    Photo: FB / Yeza Music

    Roots reggae singer Yeza was born in Jamaica. From East Kingston, community of Bull Bay she graduated at the University of the West Indies. Her name Yeza derives from the name Yezambique and means ‘Strength and Resilience’ in Swahili. She is also known as the "Star of the East". With her music she wants to liberate African minds. 

    Photo: FB / Yeza Music

    She is steadily building her fan base locally and aims to make an impact on the world through her music, lyrics and beautiful yet militant stance and mentality. Releasing the song and music video for her first single "Everything is Irie", things are quickly changing for her as she is more and more known worldwide. The song was recorded at the legendary Digital B Recording Studio on the classic ‘Hot Milk’ riddim. The singer is confident about her debut single. She wrote the lyrics and the song was produced with Calibud Music & Universal Reggae Sounds.  

    "The song is an encouragement for everyone, no matter who you are or what stage of life you are in, despite any challenge, to maintain a positive attitude," said Yeza. 

    “We juxtaposed real life with abstract images to give the audience the ‘a day in the life’ vibe with Yeza, but also kept it edgy with cool locations and colorful styling. Real images with real youths touching the road making moves and music,” explains Mykal Cushnie, who directed the video shoot.

    She is currently recording with Calibud Music, Equinoxx Music and Supa Nova in preparation for the release of her debut EP "Rebel on the Run". With her fan base steadily growing, this beautiful and militant artist is working her way up in the music industry and will one day almost certain become one of the worldwide known stars of reggae music.

    Photo: FB / Yeza Music

    For more information about the artist Yeza and her projects visit her official sites:



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    One of Reggae music's emerging gems is an artist named Asadenaki! Continuing a rich musical legacy he inherited from his father who also gave him his unique name, which means "enigma", he is a singer, songwriter, composer, percussionist, guitarist and a Dj. Asadenaki was also trained in film and video production at Clayton State University in Georgia, USA. He likes to describe himself as "a creator inspired by The Creator". 


    Asadenaki was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica in the historic house of Solomonic Productions, the home office of his father and was always surrounded by music. He is the son of ska, rocksteady and reggae pioneer Bunny Wailer. In his early years however, he was more fascinated with sports, mainly football (soccer) and was a part of the Meadow Brook High School football team for one year. He moved to the USA to live with his mother after the tragic murder of his caretaker, original member of The Wailers, Junior Braithwaite in Kingston. In the USA he joined DeKalb School of Arts, a performing arts high-school which led to his training in music and media. He also played football and received a college scholarship. During university he wrote a lot of lyrics as he was trying to understand life and express himself, eventually giving in to his true calling. While working with his sister Cen'C Love on her album "Love Letter" in the family's home studio he was able to sharpen his music skills.

    When he returned to Jamaica his musical mission had begun. He joined forces with Yezer Root a 'yanter', bassist/guitarist and keyboardist and also Narry Berry form "The Tuff Gang". With this newly created group, Asadenaki developed his singing and performing skills while holding the ever-important rhythm-guitar section in the band. In July 2015 “Asadenaki and The Tuff Gang” released their debut EP entitled "Freedom Seeds". This led to performances at Jamnesia, Inner City Dub, Sankofa Sessions, Bob Marley Trenchtown Concert, Peter Tosh Memorial Concert, Wickie Wackie Music Festival, Bourbon Beach and The One Love Concert series in Negril, Jamaica.

    Stepping out as a solo artist was a natural development for Asadenaki and is driven by his deep love for music ranging from his native Ska, Rocksteady, and Reggae to the influences of Hip-Hop, R&B, Country and Soul inspired by the wise teachings of his ancestors. He loves all aspects of music, from playing instruments, producing, singing, songwriting to disc jockeying. Known affectionately as a 'Music Man', he can be heard spinning tracks, toasting and entertaining a loyal, growing group of followers in Jamaica and worldwide or his weekly "Culture Classics" radio show on RJR94FM, Jamaica's world re-known radio station. Asadenaki's love and passion for music are highlighted in his creatively poetic lyrics reminiscent of Super Cat paired with the soulful sounds of The Wailer’s aimed at uplifting and empowering his audience. His love for music and movie production can be also seen in his short movie INITIATION on YouTube.


    With new music ready for release, he intends to share his brand of reggae with lyrically charged messages of unity, self-awareness and diligence with the souls of music lovers across the world. His label “Tuff Gang Collective” is an ancestral call, a reclaiming of a heritage, for him and the Wailer’s family of “Tuff Gong”. Through divine guidance from the Most High, ASADENAKI aims to empower the masses and sing for peace, justice and equality through Word, Sound, Power!

    Follow the artist Asadenaki and his group Tuff Gang on Facebook:

    Asadenaki Facebook

    Tuff Gang Facebook

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    If we really want to know who Delphine is we have to go back in time. Back to the year 2011.


    That year some well known song writers wrote ten or so pop-groove songs for her and she was about to sign a contract with major music label. After some thinking and considering she knew that this is not her path and that she didn't want to be just another singer. The only option for her was her biggest passion, reggae music. In 2012 she decided to join Marcel Sawuri’s and Tony Nephtali’s band as a backing vocalist and at the same time she sang with “57 Roots Band”. She will always be faithful to this band. Three musicians from this band are still members of the team and have written for “Blue Soul”. Very quickly Delphine started writing her own songs with Tony Nephtali. The duo performed either in acoustic or were backed up by Hotta Faya Band in France, Belgium, Italy, Luxemburg and Germany for about 200 concerts including many first opening parts: Pierpoljak, Culture, Clinton Fearon, Tonton David, Amsterdam Klezmer Band, Anthony B, Richard Bohringer, Sir Samuel, Roman Electric Bandand Yaniss Odua…Early in 2014 she decided to start a solo career and to write her own self-produced album. She was supported in her project by all the people who had been following and encouraging her for years and who precisely know and understand all about the musical universe she wants to offer.

    "In order not to waste time, be efficient and do what I like, I preferred taking over everything" she said.

    She wanted the best musicians and engineers from France or abroad even if she had to go to London, United States or Jamaica. She borrowed money and invested most of her wages in this project, her efforts, patience and hard work paid off. In the process of creating her first album she learned and discovered a lot about music industry. In September 2015 or as she likes to say on September 12th 2015 at 2:00 pm precisely she decided to send her song "Music" to Tuff Gong International with a detailed presentation of her project and work. Days passed to weeks, weeks to month and there was no answer. She continued her project and the production of her album when one day, the right-hand of Cedella Marley sent her this short message: "I love it!" And her album "Blue Soul" was born. "Blue Soul" is rich with Delphine's experiences, her long singing history and her pop, blues, soul and reggae vibes. During this long road she became friends with many musicians and other artists, but her goal has never changed. To become a real profesional singer.

    "I think people can get to know much about me when they listen to this album" she says.

    She signed a contract for the album "Blue Soul" with Tuff Gong International who is in charge for digital distribution around the globe and the promotion of the album in the USA and the Caribbean. As an "active artist" Delphine wanted her album to be sold in France and she did that with the help of BS World and Quart de Lune in March 2017.

    If you would like to know more about Delphine and her music follow her on Facebook or check out her official web page.

    Delphine Facebook

    Delphine official web page

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    Hiya Flames is coming to Austria on 24.8.2017!!! He will perform in Face Cafe Club Lounge next to Giddian Solider, River Gambia Sound, DJ Kpako, DJ Saf Nech and MC Ziggy D. It is probably the closest concert to Slovenia on this Summer Tour, so we would recommend all fans to attend it. 

    We have presented young upcoming artist Hiya Flames to you already, on our web page (here) but a quick introduction anyway, just to refresh your memory:

    Eurlando Kwesi Ontonio Williams, also known a Hiya Flames was born in the musical parish of Kingston on July 13, 1991. He grew up with his grandmother miss Pearl Manning from a young age. She taught him proper life principles and good behavior which remains incorporated in his lifestyle today. Hiya Flames started out in music at a very tender age inspired by a major sound system He traveled with owned by his family named Agony Disco. Hiya Flames left Kingston In 2006 along with his family to the parish of Clarendon where he met up with friends with musical minds and talent. He recorded his first two songs with his idrens Hamma One and Radish as a collaboration. With the true guidance of Jah, he and others started Nik-y Production where he recorded great music, developed and generated his musical skills. From there he met up with Fire Royal Records where he recorded a number of songs. Hiya Flames cites Rastafari as a true way of life to express his self positively through his lifestyle. Acknowledging his African roots Hiya Flames changed his legal name from Eurlando to Wondo In 2002. The inspiration of Rastafari to his music lead him to acknowledge that music is to motivate the mind of the people and strengthen them mentally. Hiya Flames Trods the music with true integrity and determination. Hiya Flames has been featured on TvJ Roll Out, Mediazone, Multiple interviews with Blackrok Radio, Among other international interviews over recent years. Patron's of Jamaica can look forward to seeing Hiya Flames Every Month On Stage As His bookings have been steady. Hiya Flames is currently apart of the Fiwi Media Jamaica Island Tour and was a stallworth in last years edition. He is currently Booking a European Tour For Late Summer 2017.




    Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1954891868060160/

    Official FACEBOOK page HIYA FLAMES: https://www.facebook.com/Icranablewarrior/?fref=ts

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    Eurlando Kwesi Ontonio Williams, also known as Hiya Flames was born on July 13, 1991. He grew up with his grandmother in Kingston, Jamaica. His grandmother taught him important values and life principles that are incorporated in his daily lifestyle.



    His spirit for entertainment was noticed at a young age. He was brought up in the district of Waltham Park on Crescent road where he attended the Crescent Road Basic School. He then moved on to The St. Peter's Claver Primary and then advanced to Denham Town High School where he took education as a serious priority. But his involvement in music began when he was just a child. He travelled with a sound system owned by his family named Agony Disco across Kingston. Watching his eldest cousin Nero Marshall singing on the sound system, his involvement in music was inevitable. The name Hiya Flames comes from one of his musical brothers named Hotta Flame whom he respects very dearly. Hiya Flames left Kingston in 2006 along with his family to the parish of Clarendon where he connected with other friends with musical minds and talent.


    He recorded his first two songs with his musical brothers Hamma One and Radish as a collaboration. Soon he and others started Nik-y Production where he recorded great music, developed and generated his musical skills. Hiya Flames recorded a number of song also for Fire Royal Records. He sees Rastafarian as a true way of life to express himself positively throughout his lifestyle and music.  The great ones who walked this musical road before taught him about one god, one aim, one destiny. Brain power is the main power. Acknowledging his African roots Hiya Flames changed his legal name from Eurlando to Wondo In 2002. The inspiration of Rastafari lead him to acknowledge that music is here to motivate the mind of the people and strengthen them mentally. Hiya Flames always creates his music with true integrity and great determination to share his message with reggae community, following Rastafarian guides. Or as he would say:

    "Jah Jah H.I.M. a guide we, he stand beside me, he shineth the light."



    Official HIYA FLAMES Facebook account: HERE

    Official HIYA FLAMES Youtube account: HERE

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