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    Bramma blog

    Bramma blog
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    Taiwan MC presents his second album, Special Request, via the Chinese Man Records label. It's a venture into new sounds while maintaining his unique style.

    As with his first LP Cool & Deadly (Chinese Man Records, 2016), the French MC once again surrounds himself with talented artists. Collaborations include Colombian singer Landa Freak, the Chill Bump rapper Miscellaneous, Jamalski, Dapatch, Mr Williamz, Paloma Pradal and Anouk Aiata.

    His faithful accomplice SOAP is in charge of production, along with Spain's Jim Morrisound on the song Mr. Babylon, Von D on Nah Leave Me Corner, and also Le Specter, The Asimetrics, Ben Masala, Inch, Celas, Samity, Etsa and Bony Fly.

    Special Request is available on both vinyl and CD and digital formats from all platforms.




    The adventures of Taiwan MC started back in 2004 when he hit the jungle and drum & bass scene alongside the collective Cool & Deadly. Two years later he takes part in the eclectic project Liquid Wicked together with Von D and Ben Masala, burning the dancefloors with a smashing mix of dubstep and reggae. From artistic residences to adventures, Taiwan MC eventually finds himself in scene with Chinese Man and they record the track Miss Chang in 2011. What follows next is an epic tour of over 120 concerts & festivals across France, Europe and the world! Back home, he collaborates with Deluxe for the track Superman and releases his first EP in 2013: Heavy this Year, a Chinese Man Records production, featuring the beat maker S.O.A.P. Just a year later he joins the 10 years anniversary tour of the Chinese Man Records and works alongside Johnny Osbourne and YT in the track Independent Music, released in the label’s The Groove Sessions Vol.3. After a second EP Diskodub from 2014 and numerous collaborations with Chinese Man, DJ Vadim and Manu Digital, Taiwan MC comes back better than ever with his first album Cool & Deadly! For this new project Taiwan MC rivals the best and draws on his singular creativity by making use of innovative vocals, instrumentals and new collaborations, proving once again his true talent as a performer. In 2019 he returns with the EP Nah Leave Me Corner and later publishes the single Colombian Gyal, which anticipates his second album, Special Request (Chinese Man), released October 2020.  


    Bramma blog
    Zvezda neaktivnaZvezda neaktivnaZvezda neaktivnaZvezda neaktivnaZvezda neaktivna

    “Stress makes me Worry” is the new digital rub-a-dub banger with an important message from Tom Spirals and Wicked & Bonny.



    In this truly chaotic time it’s more important to be kind to ourselves than ever , the lyrics in this track are a message Tom Spirals has written to himself and to anyone else who finds themselves caught in up in their own heads. “Don’t go crazy , Take it easy Keep the mission fun!”. 



    Tom delivers this message over an expertly crafted rub a dub groove that maintains all the weight and drive of Wicked’ n’ Bonny’s most recent productions. This serious single, available alongside the instrumental, is accompanied by a stunning graphic in a 90’ comic book style by renowned Manchester based designer MostIll86 and, has in turn, been animated into a wicked lyric video by SirGulliverarts outta Munich. 

    This track is their first official release together but the musical relationship between Markus (Wicked & Bonny) and Tom Spirals has been blossoming for 5 years, first meeting at ‘Mandrea Festival’ in the Italian mountains in 2015 and going on to tour and perform live together all around Europe and the UK. 

    Bramma blog
    Zvezda neaktivnaZvezda neaktivnaZvezda neaktivnaZvezda neaktivnaZvezda neaktivna
    BRAND NEW Mixtape From Jamaica to Slovakia 
    Prince Mohammed aka George Nooks Mixtape 2020
    mixed by selecta Kayaman/ ONE-OFF ROCKERS:
    - 17 songs from various albums of this amazing deejay & singer
    - a NEW single He´ll do it again
    - 2 previously unreleased dubplates
    - more than 60 minutes of reggae, gospel & dancehall music
    - Mixtape was recorded and mastered in Galanta, Slovakia (June 2020)
    - Intro & dubplates were recorded and mastered in Kingston, Jamaica (May 2020)
    Mixtape is also available on:
    George Nooks contact:
    Kayaman/ONE-OFF ROCKERS contact:


    Ceo:Yaad A Music Entertainment
    contact 1876-8596452

    Bramma blog
    Zvezda neaktivnaZvezda neaktivnaZvezda neaktivnaZvezda neaktivnaZvezda neaktivna

    Who See ft. Smoke Mardeljano - Ne bih se mijenja(RootsInSession remix)
    20 years of RootsInSession



    Who See and Smoke Mardeljano's single Ne bih se mijenja gets a reggae version from RootsInSession crew

    For their 20th anniversary occasion, RootsInSession crew seriously rolled up their sleeves. After the successful remix of the international hit “Head Up” by the Jamaican performer Sumerr, they now bring another international remix – a refreshed single Ne bih se mijenja by the Montenegrin hip hop duo Who See. The original was released on the album "Pamidore" in 2017 and features the popular Belgrade hip hop rapper Smoke Mardeljano.




    RootsInSession pulled the tune Ne bih se mijenja through one of their reggae riddims giving it a more relaxed version, perfect for the second half of summer 2020. The final touches that will put the song to the summer playlist were done by FM Mastering Studios, a tight ally of the RIS Sound lately.

    Even with cancelled summer festivals and music events, RootsInSession once again prove that they are ready to blaze up the dancefloor as soon as they are back on stage to celebrate 20 years of their musical journey.



    "Listen Ne Bih Se Mijenja":



    Google Play






    Lyrics: Noyz, Dedduh, Smoke Mardeljano
    Production: RootsInSession Sound

    Arrangement: Petar Bajan - Pier, Tomislav Bulić – Fu
    Music: Petar Bajan - Pier, Tomislav Bulić – Fu
    Keyboards: Joseph Wheba
    Bass: Peter Žnidaršič
    Mix: Petar Bajan - Pier, Tomislav Bulić - FuSoundart.si Studio/ Ljubljana
    Mastering: FM Mastering /Zagreb
    Publisher: RootsInSession Music
    Release date:August 21, 2020


    Bramma blog
    Zvezda neaktivnaZvezda neaktivnaZvezda neaktivnaZvezda neaktivnaZvezda neaktivna

    Tom Spirals started cooking up the magic of The Ashram Express EP in December 2019; on an Indian train between Delhi and Jaipur, the name of which became the title of the EP.




    Spirals worked on The Ashram Express throughout his three-month tour between Goa, Melbourne, Byron Bay and Raglan NZ , before finally coming home to complete the EP in Glasgow, Scotland.  The Ashram Express EP features a vocal cut entitled State Of Mind, delving into Tom’s firmly-held belief that humans should be able to explore the potentially healing states made available to us through natural psychoactive plants; and a flute cut, in Tom’s (now signature) Celtic dubwise style.


    The EP also boasts two remixes; a hefty steppers stomper from Oregon, USA’s Blind Prophet [Dub-Stuy Records] and a mind-bending dubstep emission from fellow Glaswegian, Konchis.


    The EP has been played and supported by the likes of David Rodigan, OBF, Culture Dub, Sinai Sound and Mungo’s Hifi to name a few and sold out ALL of the physical copies on the release day.


    This is the first fully independent production and release from Spirals - but definitely not the last.

    Find Tom on Facebook for more informatons: https://www.facebook.com/tomspiralsmusic/


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