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    Bramma Shanti bo ekskluzivno za pripravljal zanimiv material, ob svojem obisku na Jamajki.

    Za vas smo zato ustvarili Jamajka Bramma blog, kjer bo zbrana vsa vsebina in sicer na tem spletnem naslovu: 


    Q: At first of all I would like to know a bit more about  you. Who is Bramma Shanti? Whats your background?

    My name is Bramma Shanti, born and raised inna Belgium. Bramma is a Roots Reggae lover that shares his passion with the world inna sound system style & on the radio. I'm coming from a small village in the westside of Belgium close to France. Since the age of 15, I'v followed class in Kortrijk, the city where everything started for me Reggae Music wise. From the moment I got in contact with Reggae, a new journey started.


    Q: What brought you into reggae and sound system scene?

    Me growing up in Moorsele, I went to school in Kortrijk, I met different people with the same love for reggae music. The classic story for most Reggae Lovers, I started listening Bob Marley , Peter Tosh, Dennis Brown, …
    In my hometown Moorsele, I got in contact with some elder breddrin, who shared the same love for the music so we start collection records, vinyl, 7” …. For my 18th birthday I'v recieved my first turntables, mixer , amps and the sound system story kicked of . Together with my homies mi started buying more records (spend all my money on it ;)) and made some homemade mixtapes. Those tapes went around fast under friends and friends of friends, so a couple more tapes followed after that. Everybody ask the name of the sound system so one night we came together to reason out a name and Skylarking it was. Skylarkin got different meaning but we choose to go by the bird name which represent Freedom! The sound was born, the name went around quick so the first actual date came in quick.The first party went nice like so quick the next couple a party followed. Its a journey U know?


    Q: What's your first musically based memory you can recall?

    I got a lot a memories bout me doing Reggae & going concerts & working at concert venues but the first memory Reggae Geel festival. It's known as the biggest festival in Belgium and a yearly summer tradition since my age of 16, till the day I get a phone call from their organization to play there. Imagine a festival ram packed with Reggae Lovers celebrating vibes and summer and I got the chance to provide them with my love for Roots Music: WIKKID!!

    Overall I played 3 times at Reggae Geel Festival but the most legendary one, was the summer we played a set and all of a sudden Prince Jazzbo, Ricky Chaplin & Messanjah joined us on stage and did some wicked live action. The crowd went crazy with madd amount of pull-ups.

    The second best memory was me playing as a youngster on SummerJam festival. Basically to be honest I can write a book with good memories in the reggae scene, not only dates I get but also link up with artists, the vibe overall but I guess that will be for later!


    Q: What or who was your music influence growing up?

    Like most of the Reggae Lovers, I rolled into the music listening Bob Marley. He’s the King a Reggae Music  with a strong mission and His music must be heard. Once U touched by reggae music, U smoothly discover different artists like Peter Tosh, Dennis Brown, Garnett Silk, Ini Kamoze, Carleton, Luciano, Mikey General…I went to Reggae parties from a young age and at those parties U hear a lot of different kind a reggae music. like rub a dub, roots, dancehall …. so I get introduced to Shabba , Supercat, Chaka Demus, Bounty Killer, ….
    I was so touched by the music that I instantly started looking up more artists like Sizzla, Luciano, Buju,... When I started, those where the golden years for those artists. I remember me going to record stores searching for reggae music and get in touch with 7” records and riddim. Trust me, a complete new world opened for me. With Skylarking sound, we mainly played New Roots music with a Rub a Dub Roots Digital twist.

    Everybody in the Belgium scene knew us as The Roots Reggae Sound.


    Q: You are producer, selecta dj, radio host, …  From where do you take all this inspiration?

    Bramma Shanti is a Selecta Dj and Radiohost. Through the years  as a selecta, I discovered a lot of good Roots Reggae Music, meet up with a lot a people in the scene so network up. I’m in this reggae journey for a while and mainly as selecta for first Skylarkin Sound, then Groove Station and as well Jamafrican since 2014. In every crew I worked with different people, different characters and different missions or goals. From the people close around me, I get nuff inspiration. With Skylarkin I played a lot of mad dances & festivals, we spreaded the message of Reggae Music. With Groove Station sound I played some wikkid dances too with live artists and we start playing radio as well. Doing radio is something I really like, U spread the vibes, share your family music, support the artist , producer, riddim,…. 

    So inspiration there all the time, every day you got plenty new releases out in Jamaica. Your musical network with artists is getting bigger day after day which result in more new music, even jingles and doublets and with the internet today, U share your music with the world… its crazy!

    If I share the radioshow, people from Uk, Europa, Jamaica, Africa, America even South-America listen. Its a global thing! Every week, I receive plenty emails with new music from artists all over the world.

    To be honest a whole new world opened since I started my radioshow. In the beginning I played Soul Input on Quindo in Belgium, until that day me bredda Wudub!? asked me to join his show for a collab.

    After a second collab with Wudub!? I got the opportunity to get my own 2 hour slot. JAM STYLE was born strong and going even stronger this year inna mad collab with Natty Vibes Sound aka Seenjah outta Germany.


    Q: Tell us more about your show Jamstayle, thats airing on Renegade Radio?

    Jam style is airing on Renegade Radio 107.3 fm inna UK but also livestream on and that every 3th Sunday of the month. Jam style on Renegade Radio started jan. 2015 after some successful collabs with Wudub?! I did on his Renegade Radio Show.

    Everybody on Renegade Radio can name his show the way he wants, so I decide to pick Jamstyle, which blends in perfect with the music I play. 

    Renegade Radio is a versatile radiostation airing majority of underground music based in the UK like Grime , Jungle, Drum& Bass, Dub and also Reggae. Next to Jamstyle, there’s also Wudub!? who plays Dub Reggae Steppers music and lately we were reasoning to combine all reggae music in 1 evening/night so Renegade Radio will have his Reggae Dub Night.

    Since january I’m proud to announce Seenjah from Natty Vibes join me on Jamstyle team. Together we will bring U a monthly big Roots Reggae show with Live Special, Guest Mc’s, Guest Selections & special features on JAMSTYLE.


    Q: I see you work alot with Exile Di Brave, SeenJah from Natty Vibes Sound, King Harrar Sound, Rassi Hardnknocks, Micah Shemaiah. How can a Jamaican, German, Belgium and Japan guys meet in Belgium show played on UK radio? Whats the story behind that?

    Actually everything started with me meeting  Micah Shemaiah & Infinite in Brussels in 2014. They are both part of EDB movement or the Vinyl Thursday crew. They feature artists like Exile Di Brave, Rassi Hardknocks , Kazam, Dj Natty from King Harar Sound... Once U get in touch with the music from Micah or Infinite, U can easily get in touch with the rest of the crew and with the internet nowadays, linking each other is even easier.  I get in contact with the crew and managers like Exile & Jacky, who became family and from that day on we are one team.With me playing sound and radio, we both could help each other sharing music and spreading it with the people. The biggest export product of Jamaica is music with live shows and tour. I met Micah a few times in Belgium last year and every time we link up the vibe nice and hearical so we keep the link and help where we can. This summer I met Exile for the first time on Dour Festival. Very quick we met again at Reggae Geel Festival and a last time at Helden in the park where we build a more solid foundation.

    In the meantime I met King Harar aka DJ Natty in Brussels after picking him up at the airport to reunite with Exile for a next festival, that's Rototom in Spain. After the short link up we decided to meet up again before he would leave back to Jamaica, at my place in Belgium to build a vibe.

    I met Natty Vibes over Facebook listening his wicked mixtapes and decided to ask him to collab on Jamstyle radioshow. The collab was very good in every aspect so I decided to invite Seenjah again for a second session. In the meantime Seenjah introduced me to Rassi Hardknocks and more artists in his crew so network up & running. The sessions on Jamstyle with Seenjah were so nice that I wanted us to work together on the radioshow. After a link up in Belgium, on a party I helped organizing, with Natty Vibes & Micah Shemaiah involved, Natty decided to become a part of the Jamstyle Family and the thing set.

    Q: If you could be at any concert or party at this moment, which artist would you choose?

    I’m a great fan of “The Ark Angel” Garnett Silk & “Crown Prince” Dennis Brown. Two brilliant voices, both different but with a message in a Rootical style, and music for every generation. I have seen many artists in my life so far, but I always dreamed of seeing one from them two and choosing is loosing, so I pick them both.
    On the other side I also want to see Bob Marley and Peter Tosh too, so many legends passed away already with a great voice and great music!

    So people go out and enjoy those live concerts before its too late!!


    Q: You were treveling to Jamaica these days. Can you describe to all of us who weren't there yet, what is Jamaica really like?

    What a tuff question! For me personally, Jamaica changed me as human being. I remember the first time I went down a yard alone, not knowing what to get or expect. I can tell U Jamaica gave me nuff. Jamaicans are very nice, friendly, helpful ppl, the nature is breathtaking, the beaches are beautiful and different from place to place. The food taste fingerlicking good and U hear Reggae music 24/7.

    Every move U make on the island U hear Reggae music a play, U see people in the street doing them thing. Jamaica is all about the vibes, the atmosphere ….like I say hard to describe but one thing I know is that getting back on that plane home is a Hell!


    Q: You have any intentions comming to Slovenija for a show? Maybe even Overjam? Are there any plans in that direction?

    It would be a blessings for me to come to SlovenJah as soon as possible to spread the vibes. Anytime the people & promotors ready, me ready!

    Playing abroad is always such a special feeling, I remember me playing at Summerjam Festival in Germany way different vibes but madd.

    I also have very good experiences with Tsjechie. I got the opportunity to play overthere two times and its simply wicked. Every country got his own kinda vibes, me think now bout the vibes in France, were different then the times in the Netherlands but time after time I felt super playing for a new massive!!

    I hope through this interview to track the attention from some promotors who will be willing to book me for shows or festivals anytime they want. Bramma Shanti more then ready to spread the Roots & Culture vibes allover.

    Maybe after me playing in Jamaica, the world will know me even a little bit better and see the nice vibes me bring in the dance ;)


    Q: Is there anything you would like to add to this interview? Something you, feel you should tell visitors of our page?

     Bramma Shanti stand for supporting and bussing the youths, upcoming artists or underground artists because its important to spread everybody music with a message!

    I love to share music with the people, see them dance on a Reggae Selection. My mission is spreading the good roots'n'culture vibes, give the listeners a good time and a injection with new or upcoming talents! I’m happy I helped some youths and upcoming artist already to make a name for themselves in Belgium and I will keep doing that!

    I just wanne give some names from artists to watch out for in the future !

    Check out Lisa Bennett (Belgium-US), Jahriki (France), Collieman (Belgium)

    I wanne BIG UP everybody for the support from the start , without help from others u never reach a nex stage!

    Thanks to all artists , friends, promotors, producers and everybody who help build up the vibez for Bramma Shanti!!



    If there are promotors interested , link me up :

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    Listen Jamstyle every 3th Sunday on from 22pm till 12pm EU time or 4-6pm JAM time or check Us afterwards at

    Much bless and one love, Bramma!

    Zvezda neaktivnaZvezda neaktivnaZvezda neaktivnaZvezda neaktivnaZvezda neaktivna


    Kako je prišlo do nastanka skupine? Bral sem, da ste začeli s slovenskimi šansoni, danes pa ste žurerska ska zasedba, kako je prišlo do takega preobrata?


    Kot si povedal, najprej so se igrali slovenski šansoni in te zimzelene skladbe, nato so se bendu pridružili še pozavnist Jakob Leban, saksofonist Jure Boršič, pianist Nik Vuga . Zasedba je bila večja in glasba vedno bolj polna, ko je nekdo na vaji rekel: » kaj pa če bi igrali reggae in ska?« smo se vsi strinjali in tako igramo zdaj muziko za žur.  And we simply love it!


    Kdo so vaši glasbeni vzorniki, po čem se zgledujete?

    Glasbeni vzorniki, poslušamo razne vrste skaja in vsak band ima nekaj svojega. Dosti poslušamo Skatalites, ki nebom rekel da so naši vzorniki ampak so nekako začetniki takšne vrste muzike in so nam dali tudi nek vpliv, da smo se odločili za ta žanr glasbe in ga sedaj izvajamo.


    Vaša besedila so tako slovenska kot tudi angleška, poleg tega pa obravnavajo zelo različne teme. Kako nastajajo avtorske pesmi, kdo je pisec?

    Pri pisanju besedil se ne omejujemo na noben jezik, če pride ideja bo lahko konec koncev nastalo besedilo tudi v kakšnem drugem jeziku na primer Italijanščini. V zadnjem času pa nastaja več besedil v Angleščini.
    Na vaje prinese nekdo lahko kak košček besedila ali pa celoto. Tako začnejo padat ideje kaj bi lahko naredili kakšne vrste komad bi bil, skoraj vedno pa se začne komad sestavljat z ritem sekcijo,  tako se stavijo nek »groove« in iz njega potem sekcija pihal in trobil dobi kakšno linijo, in se poigrava z frazami in backgroundi. Lahko pa popolnoma obratno, da se naredi komad cel bend v celoti brez besedila in se nato napiše besedilo skladno žanru pesmi.


    Po 3. letih delovanja letos ste letos izdali prvenec naslovljen »nima kej bet«. Koliko časa je nastajal album, kakšni so odzivi?

    Album smo izdali relativno hitro, takoj ko smo po nekaj časa dobili končno zasedbo, smo se odpravili v studio Čelik kjer smo posneli en del albuma in nato drugi del v studiu P.L.C.  Album je bil sicer posnet lansko leto ampak je izšel šele letos januarja. Najprej smo izdali album na Bandcampu kjer ga lahko potegneš iz interneta v digitalni obliki, na naših koncertih pa lahko kupiš zgoščenko. Odzivi  ob izdaji so bili zelo pozitivni, na koncertih se je celo povečalo število publike.


    Zakaj je naslov album v vašem domačen narečju, kaj ste želeli z naslovom izraziti?

    Prvotna naslovnica je imela poleg brezskrbnega vzdušja v parku narisanega še obešenca in poleg napis 'nima kej bet'. Torej precej ironično stanje. Vseeno smo se bolj prepoznali kot bolj optimistični in to našo pozitivno energijo želeli sporočiti in prenesti na našo publiko, poslušalce po radijskih postajah, pa tudi bralce. Vseeno močan pomen naslova ostaja. To je, vedno, ko se ti zgodi kaj slabega, lahko greš mimo tega in rečeš »nima kej bet«. Če boš pozitiven glede vsega se ti težko zgodi kaj slabega saj tudi jemlješ vse dogodke precej bolj sproščeno.

    Kakšne pa šo vaše ambicije, kaj nam The Indicals še pripravljate?

    Razvidno je, da nas ljudje podpirajo, mi pa se ne bomo vdali, saj se že snema…..pustimo zaenkrat to še kot skrivnost in Nima Kej Bet! 


    The Indicals so:


    Matej Podobnik - Trobenta/Vokal

    Nina Vrabec - Vokal

    Gregor Locatelli – Kitara

     Matjaž Bajc - Bas

    Nik Vuga - Klaviature

    Jakob Leban - Pozavna

    Jure Boršič - Sax/Klarinet

    Luka Zidarič – Bobni

     Urban Nemec - Percussion

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