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    Dana Bernard is a twenty-seven year old singer / singjay, song writer, recording and performing artist. She was born to teenage parents in the harsh inner cities of Kingston, Jamaica in late 1980s and grew up with her extended family where her grandmother was the head of the household.



    "My father was the first who introduced me to reggae music, as he would always listen to Irie FM radio".

    Growing up, young Aza soon realized she could sing and would often do so for friends, schoolmates and family members. At the age of sixteen she did her first recording which was a dub plate for a New York based sound system and little did she know it had gotten quite a response. On leaving high school she went to work in the hotel industry as an Entertainment Coordinator. Several years later she gave birth to a divine baby girl and at that moment, her life changed as her consciousness opened to a new higher level. She found Rastafari way of life and always thanks "Rasta" energy for changing her thinking. She brought African Spirituality to her awareness and that connected her to her roots.
    On this journey she was relinked with the Lineage Family members (as they all grew up in the same community), to become the first active female of the Lineage movement. At this point music began playing a very important role in her life and she started writing seriously. Those who know Aza and are around her often say she is a "a vessel of messages".



    The Lineage Family started attending a weekly cultural open mic dub events called Dub School, held on the grounds of the Jah Ova Evil Studio where they met the members of the Jah Ova Evil movement. Aza Lineage was encouraged to sing and that she did. Her singing and messages were received well so they continued attending on a weekly basis. We could say without a doubt that Jah Ova Evil Studio became her training grounds. Along with the Lineage Family she started to attend other weekly cultural dub events named Kingston Dub Club, Inner City Dub, Sankofa Sessions, and Vinyl Thursdays, where she was able to sing and produce several features that have gain good responses.



    Under the musical guidance of Kevin Lineage Morrison (Lineage founder) and Jahnoi "Selah" Nunes (Jah Ova Evil Engineer) she is working
    continuously on developing her skills and talent as a well rounded hard core reggae artist. She believes that will be an advance to the nation, especially the youths, staying true to "Word Sound Power" mentality and lyrics to spark your mind. Aza Lineage is currently working with local based producers as well as producers overseas on singles to be released in 2017. "Love Alone", "Plant Up The Herbs" and "Smoke Weed Today" are just a few of them and they should be released soon. Each song is a product of working and collaborating with different producers.

    Aza Lineage is young, talented and hardworking artist. If you didn't hear about her already we are certain you soon will... One way or the other!







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    The other day I picked up the new WUDUB!? BABYLON-EP, his third so farand while I was checking

    it out I couldn' t help but to write down these few lines, since compelling images started to flash

    through my head at full speed.



    A-side immediately hits it off, by a combination of minimal yet effective  

    kicks & snares, that carry a deliciously slow and sensual as ever LISA BENNETT,

    supported by convincing sounding Jamaican vocalist INFINITE,

    and listening to the guy no doubt in my mind that his voice BE heard.

    Hoarsely sung 'Call On Me' has a pleasant festival-feel, topics the concept and

    meaning of friendship in a style only to be described as reggae wudubby dub,

    and seems a pretty decent way to commence both this LP,

    as well as summer that is upon us.

    Second on A, titled 'Collie', introduces an uplifting playful melodica tune to pave the way and

    make susceptible for the (among connaisseurs I hear) specific charisma-driven

    vocal chords of RAS TINNY.

    I instantly make a mental picture of an Irish Friendly Hermit Giant coming to town,

    bringing a strong spiritual message in harsh times,

    armed to the teeth with integrity, and soul.

    Hammering away pounding bass lines, swinging 4-to-the floor-kicks into the arena.

    Like a devoted zen master who needs to hit you, in order for you to learn,

    bathing in lucid dreamy states, finishing with grandeur, spectacle and showmanship.


    Only moments into side B I'm taken by surprise, when I notice there are 2 completely

    distinct styles on this record. While side A feels quite roots,

    side B may very well offer a glimpse of evolution and future within this genre.


    First track 'Maintain', a true ballad that hacks away musically with mesmerizing intensity and  hypnotizing atmosphere, proves to be most impressive in its subtlety.

    A real stuck-in-your-head kinda track, I discover during the rest of the day, an anachronistic classic in a world that has yet to come.

    Its sweeping violin resembles a raizorsharp blade cutting through the existential void

    that surrounds us, societal emptiness that both binds and unites, as well as separates & divides us.  With a passion-fuelled preaching SAIMN-I, who spreads hope despite struggle, raises consciousness, comforts.

    A beautiful and clever fusion of dub, reggae, hiphop and deep dubstep, and a worthy acquisition for my collection.


    Last song 'Rastaman Style' is the audacious, bulky newborn offspring & diabolical result

    of the initial unlikely collaboration between 2 unusual characters.

    One being CENTROID, a chiptune artist who obviously saw a few more dimensions

    than the rest of us on the gameboyscreen, where from he funneled his melancholic melody

    and skank to lure us down into deep dark dungeons, enter his private -hunt or be hunted- gamemania-mension and far beyond that, into the gamemania-verse he dwells in.


    Having joined forces with our own trusty BABYLONBUSTER, sounding here like an angry prophet

    (who doesn't let his mood be spoilt & still manages to have fun in the process),

    semi-automatically machinegunning strong lyrics that floath and roar

    through the plastic universe on a -lowest key on the keyboard- steady heavy base

    that resonates hard in the bones.

    This is a -crazy-enough-it-might-just-work combo, that sure delivers,

    in nothing short of heart and spirit, spiked with humour, theatricals,

    and totally in the zone.


    A tale of Protest & Uprise, revolting with attitude, mobilizing to keep your chin up and hope alive in Babylon.



    I have a confession to make!

    I'm not an expert regarding these types of music, but I admit I am pleased by this LP.

    WUDUB!? keeps steppin' up further, succeeds to find ways to polish up his (though a previous already fairly clean) sound even more and consistently shows increase in quality, both esthetically and content wise.


    Contrast between side A and B is unmistakeable,

    but complementary, sequence of tracks well thought through,

    intended to make this vinyl kosmologically & alchemically complete,

    day/night, sun/moon, and an elegant harmony and balance is thus become.


    Side A feels rather warm, organic, has a reassuring relaxing vibe to bring you in the mood, but meanwhile steampreps to experience the funky android dark matter style that soon will hit you, and the synthetic nine-headed whip slashing electronics WUDUB!? is about to viciously

    bombard you with...


    Meanwhile I'm KEEPin' IT DUB!


    Tobias G.M.M. Reyntjens

    aka Tobi-wan-Kenobi

    aka T1-K.O!

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    Zvezda neaktivnaZvezda neaktivnaZvezda neaktivnaZvezda neaktivnaZvezda neaktivna


    Young Empress, Deborah Adela Marla Brown is popularly known on stage as Marla Brown, ‘’The Crown Princess of Reggae’’. She was born on November, 1986 and is the youngest child of the late, great, ‘’The Crown Prince of Reggae’’, Dennis Emanuel Brown. Dennis Brown was an inspiration and influence for many reggae singers from the late 1970s and on. Even Bob Marley once stated for him, that he is one of his favorite and best reggae singers of all time.

    With all this music history and professionalism in the family, young Marla is also no stranger when it comes to performance and entertainment. Learning Ballet, Street and Contemporary dance she performed around Europe for more than 14 years. She was named as one of the Ambassadors for the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games and was noted for her dancing abilities by the sporting giant Adidas. Marla Brown also performed her way to the semi-finals on the popular TV show, Britain’s Got Talent. Collecting English national championship titles, performing in extensive theatre productions and showcases around Europe, Marla Brown is a name well known in circles around London.

    With such array of achievements, Marla is continuing her father’s legacy through her own artistic way and it was always believed young Empress is destined for the stages. Her swift transition from dancing to the recording studio came naturally and her debut as an artist took place at London’s famous Jazz Café in November 2013, where she performed as the guest and opening act for the event “Grooving With The Legends,” Bunny “Striker” Lee’s, 72th Birthday and 46th year Anniversary within the music industry. Her performance was awarded with an encore of applause and full enjoyment from the audience. But this was just the beginning for “The Crown Princess of Reggae”.

    “Music and Art have been embedded in my heart and soul from young so it is an organic movement to enter the music world on a professional level and share my love for it with others.”

    Her next move was to Kingston Jamaica, where she began to launch her solo career as a professional singer. Representing her father during the Reggae Month in February, 2014, she performed at various shows and events all around the Jamaican island. As with any child of an icon, a great deal of responsibility comes with the creation and delivery of your own ideas.  With extensive radio and magazine interviews, shows and appearances, it was Marla’s impressive performance at the Dennis Brown Annual Tribute Show, where she really made the Brown name shine bright.

    As quoted by the Jamaica Gleaner newspaper, “young Brown delivered a brilliant set, which sent the audience into sheer nostalgia as her performance reminded them of Dennis Brown. Remarks about how much she resembled her father could be heard all around the car park. Her renditions of Silhouette and How Could I Leave were obvious crowd-pleasers, but it was her original song, Here Comes the King, that gave young Brown her biggest and most favorable response from the crowd. The song was dedicated to her father and was her own personal tribute to his life and work. Following her performance was a presentation of an International Reggae Day Award, dedicated to The Crown Prince for his contribution to the genre.”

    Better Days, her debut single, available also on iTunes, was produced by Royal Order Music in 2015 and was premiered by, non-other than, David ‘’Ram Jam’’ Rodigan on BBC 1XTRA. The song perfectly demonstrates Marla’s writing and vocal skills and as she explains:

    ‘’The song is an upful declaration to my people, that no matter what challenges you may face in life, you will not and shall not face it alone.”

    Last year her first EP named Deliverance was finally released. It contains 7 songs that represent her first steps into the music business. By naming the EP ‘’Deliverance’’, she aims to represent her own deliverance to the music industry while also giving great respect to her father. Her latest project was a remake of her father’s song, Words of Wisdom feat. Mutabaruka, released on ‘’We Remember Dennis Brown’’ Tribute Album. This two sided album contains 30 timeless hits covered by some of reggae’s most renowned artists today like Jesse Royal, Chronixx, Mykal Rose, Raging Fyah, Jah Cure, Roman Virgo, Etana, Richie Spice and many others.

    Marla Brown’s musical collaborations with popular artists like Kabaka Pyramid, Beenie Man, Runkus and Jamaica’s finest producers, only show that ‘’The Crown Princess of Regae’’ has a bright and exciting future ahead within the music industry.


    For more info on Marla Brown also check the links bellow:

    WWW page:  http://www.itsmarlab.com/

    Fb page: https://www.facebook.com/marla.brown.90

    Soundcloud page: https://soundcloud.com/marlabmusic



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    Back in the full effect with another NEW ROCKERS VIBRATIONS mixtape, the June edition featuring new tunes artists and riddim from Jamaican to the 4 corners of the World! 

    We kick of the mixtape with the brilliant title track from the brand new album "Everlasting" by Raging Fyah & two more tunes from them, at the end of the mix! We also feature a new "Girlband" outa Jamaica going by the name of ADAHZEH with tune "Island Girl" followed by "Hangover" from "The Dubbeez" outa Holland.  This show contains nuff new tunes by Micah Shemaiah, currently  inna EU on tour, mi general Jah Bami, the rising youth Mortimer, from Spain the sweet singer Alex Bass and so much more! Towards the end of the mix you can listen few specials for Bramma Shanti by Amlak, check out his new tune and also a wicked Alex Bass special! Another brand new song mi buss is "Gideon Boots" from Silva Mc all the way outa New Zealand! Tune in to this smooth selection and share the message with the world ! 1 LOVE 


    Word Sound and Power, from DUB TO ROCKERS TO ROOTS & CULTURE!

    For booking and info : Ta e-poštni naslov je zaščiten proti smetenju. Potrebujete Javascript za pogled.

    fb - twitter - Instagram : BRAMMA SHANTI 

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    Damian Marvin Walters was born in Trinidad and Tobago. He is better known as Jah Bami meaning ‘Jah Take Me’, a multitalented entertainer, vocalist and song writer making conscious music that teaches his listeners while giving them a sound to move to. His musical style embodies a mix between reggae and soca pulling influence from hip-hop and R&B. Jah Bami’s unique sound and personality has taken him around the world and back as a host, producer and director for Viacom’s, MTV Caribbean network TEMPO. Weekly Jah Bami introduced trail blazers in the music and entertainment industries throughout the Caribbean into more than 5 million homes around the world, making him one of the most recognizable faces in the Caribbean today. within the past years JahBami is touring the world with the collective Suns of Dub long side Addis Pablo and Ras Jammy.

    His musical background began early on in life at the age of 6, with his mothers push as the lead choirboy in his family’s church. He grew up listening to entertainers such as Anita Baker, Cameo and Prince and was inspired by their sound and ability to influence people with their music. As a youth he recalls watching his father DJ at clubs in Trinidad and seeing him perform on the microphone, ignited Jah Bami’s desire to move a crowd. The steelpan played a major role in his musical upbringing, since he also witnessed his father’s steelpan group tour Trinidad from a young age. In his teens he gained major recognition for his amazing talents on the steelpan, teaching himself how to play difficult songs by ear. However, trained to play and write music he mastered instruments including the guitar, piano, and drums, which helped him organize full orchestra ensembles later on in life.

    At age of 17 he earned himself a music scholarship at the University of the West Indies where he captained his school (St. Augustine Snr Comp) to become School Panorama Champions. Following his championship win at school, Jah Bami moved on to play the steelpan with the World Champion band, “Exodus Steel Orchestra” for eight years. Jah Bami spent most of his adult-hood living between New York and Trinidad visiting his father, who moved to the States when he was younger. In 2000 he made his official move to New York, making Brooklyn his home. During his time in New York he began to embrace ‘Rastafari’ and an international Music Label “Thello Entertainment’ recognized his unique sound and performance style.


    Thello Entertainment quickly invited him to join them on a yearlong Japanese tour alongside other reggae artists including Wayne Wonder and Ky-Mani Marley. It was during his time in Japan that his welcome embraced by the Japanese spawned a style they deemed ‘Mutant Chant’ for his evolving sound that embodied styles that were conscious and uplifting. His Japanese fans supported his vision and ability to sound, birthed his name Jah Bami. Within the past years, Jah Bami has worked as producer and director for a number of television shows for the Caribbean television network Tempo. Jah Bami has also been actively spearheading several community development projects in his homeland, Trinidad and Tobago and is set to launch his foundation very soon. He continues to grow his success around the world, producing chart toping hits throughout the United States, Asia, Europe, and the Caribbean. Jah Bami has recorded and shared the stage with industry legends including, Wu Tang Clan, Norrisman, Damian ‘Jr Gong' Marley and more.

    Since 2013 Jah Bami is part of the collective ‘Suns of Dub’ (SoD) together with Melodica Artist Addis Pablo, Selector Ras Jammy and other carribean based artists. SoD released various own productions, such as the Far East LP, that was released in 2015.



    JahBami recently released two new tunes 'Give me Life' and 'She loves Rasta'. Both singles were produced by Takashi and are distributed by JahBami's label 'Sebat Records', available for download on all online music stores.

    JahBami is currently lead vocalist for the group 'Suns of Dub' which -amongst others- features Addis Pablo, son of late legend Augustus Pablo and selector Ras Jammy, as well as doing solo shows and passionately playing the Steel Pan, one of his home place Trinidads national instruments.


    For any information or bookings please contact his manager Bramma Shanti under Ta e-poštni naslov je zaščiten proti smetenju. Potrebujete Javascript za pogled.


    Jah Bami - Give me life


    Jah Bami - She love Rasta


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