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    Mark Andrew Thompson, better known as Mark Wonder was born in Kingston, Jamaica but grew up in the city of Manchester in England. If the name Wonder associates you with another musician, you are probably right. His surname was "borrowed" from a giant pop icon of the 80s, Stevie Wonder, his favorite singer.

    His first recording of music began in the late eighties. His musical talent and love for the music came from his mother, who loved singers of soul music. To this, Mark only added his natural talent and combined genres of Jamaican legends such as Denis Brown and Bob Marley. This combination has proven to be pure gold! Soon he became one of Jamaica's most promising singers and musicians. The first songs were released in 1988 including the legendary "Caution", "Girl I Like Your Style" and "We Rule", which he recorded for producer named Mauricio "Jack Scorpio 'Johnson, better known as Black Scorpio sound system. Soon also for King Jammy, Blue Mountain and Trinity Records. His musical career got a new twist when he was introduced to producer Milton Moore in the nineties, by the dub poet DYCR. His amateur singing has today evolved in to almost 30 years lasting career.



    His first album "Signs Of The Times" was released in 1996 for Dutch label Zola & Zola. Until today, Mark Wonder already released nine albums and more are still to come! He has collaborated with many renowned artists such as Sizzla, Capleton, Luciano, Gentleman... From his first album on, Mark Wonder was proclaimed as one of those artists, who would fill the gap that the great Garnett Silk left behind. Although his singles and the "Jeremiah" album established him in the music industry, he thinks his newest work will actually 'Break The Ice' for Mark Wonder and make him a household name wherever roots reggae is enjoyed.

    His incisive texts that speak of contemporary issues in Jamaica and around the world, and songs with titles like "So Much War", are rapidly gaining new fans who think the same. Frequent traveling throughout Europe, particularly in Switzerland and the Netherlands have helped him to open his mind and realize the things that he never would have thought before. He says that he found many like-minded people in Europe who oppose the system in the same way as he did and is still doing it. He remembers that once in Rome he met people who were thrilled when "Rasta" criticizes the Pope. Wonder says that the roots music is popular in Europe for many years now between the rebels and people who think as him, while acknowledging that Shaggy and Sean Paul greatly expanded the reggae network, because you can see a lot of influence and love for dancehall music as well.



    With his universal style of music and voice, it is difficult to be still at his performances. When you hear his songs, you cannot resist and you quickly start dancing to the rhythm or sing along with the melody. The positive energy that he creates on stage is addictive and you will quickly catch everybody enjoying his concert. The fact is that every true fan of reggae music can only smile with excitement when Mark Wonder comes through his town and that joy we will soon be able to experience at club ZOO in Ljubljana, Slovenia!


    Bramma blog
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    JahOvaEvil and The Lineage Family Presents !!!

    Aza Lineage - King of Kings E.P.

    We already introduced Aza Lineage in our previous article, but just a short bio for all who missed it. 

    Aza Lineage, born Dana Bernard is a singer/singjay, song writer, recording and performing artist (a vessel of messages), born to teenage parents in the inner cities of Kingston, Jamaica in 1989. She grew up with her extended family with her grandmother being the head of the household. "My father first introduced me to Reggae Music, he would always listen to Irie FM". Growing up Aza realized she had a talent for singing and would wright songs from a young age. At the age of sixteen she did her first recording which was a dub plate for a New York based sound system which got a very good response. On her trod she was reunited with the Lineage Family (they all grew up in the community of Hermitage/August Town), to become the first active female of the movement. At this point music began playing a very important role in her life, The Lineage Family started attending a weekly cultural open mic dub event call Dub School, held at First Ave Vineyard Town the HQ of Jah Ova Evil where the Lineage met the Jah Ova Evil Family. The Lineage Family started to attend other weekly cultural dub events, all of which Aza was able to sing and gained some exposure and a lot of experience. Under the guidance of Kevin “Lineage” Morrison (Lineage founder) and Jahnoi "Selah" Nunes (Jah.Ova.Evil Records) ".

    (Source: Facebook)


    She is working continuously on developing her skills as a hard core reggae artist, staying true to Word, Sound and Power with lyrics to spark your mind. Aza has currently finished working on her EP-Mixtape entitled King Of Kings a project which gives her listeners a dj mixed compilation of seven individual productions such as her title track “King Of Kings” produced by Paulo Baldini (Dub Files), Plant Up The Herbs produced by Natty Megs (More Life Productions), and The Struggle Continues produced by Billion Voices Productions just to name a few. All songs on this project are slated to be released in 2017.




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    Jah Bami's new mixtape Suave Dub released on his earthstrong And Ethiopian Christmas 'Genna' January 7, 2017 contains a selection of 19 tracks, original and remixes, including one pan version, the Trinidadian national instrument Jah Bami is playing passionately.



    Mixed and edited by belgian selector and Jah Bami's manager Bramma Shanti,who recorded part of the tunes. The musical variety of the 47minutes long mixtape, reaches from reggae over dub to steppas and gives the listener a taste of Jah Bamis wide range.

    With Suave Dub team Jah Bami set off to adventures using the old and the new tunes on a new projects coming up.


    Let us just add that Suve Dub mixtape is free to download! You can download it on with a click on this line.


    Any questions you may have about mixtape/dub plates/booking you can send them to:

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    Listen to this brand new Rockers Vibrations mixtape with Brand new Pre-releases, Brand new Releases ,  from Jamaica, Belgium to the whole wide world! In this episode I spin you the brand new upcoming riddim "Mankind Solidarity" by Micah "Really Well" n Jah Bami "Hold On". Me kick of the show with a big tune from the PathHeights family, the completely project is way up, an acoustic meditation vibe with a message! Check them out on Soundcloud. More in this mixtape the brand new Belgium production from the FORWARD FEVER CAMP with Danman & the brand new UNLISTED FANATICS who recently dropped "DO RIGHT" by my bredda MICAH SHEMAIAH. Then there is a likkle taste or previews from JAH BAMI's upcoming mixtape "SUAVE", 3the hard way with YUNG JR & ADONEY, Check out equal rights. We cannot forget to bring our sista's in the spotlight and in this week show you can listen BIG TUNESSSS by my sis sis "NADIA HARRIS MCANUFF" Brand New Single "MARCUS SAID" released on 7" by Lion Vibes , also upcoming in the future the lovely big tune "HOME AWAY FROM HOME" . You can also hear Dezarie & Vanessa Lee! U know I always there to support the youths and talents from yard and abroad and in this weeks show you can hear 2 big "MORTIMER" tunes. Youth have a big voice, lyrics and a humble attitude, most def a big artist for the very near future! Check out the playlist for the latest tracks and riddims and fulljoy the vibes !!


    Don't forget to tune in mixcloud.com/brammashanti for more mixtapes and shows and for bookings link me at Ta e-poštni naslov je zaščiten proti smetenju. Potrebujete Javascript za pogled.

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