April 07, 2020

    Bramma blog

    Bramma blog
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    Latest edition from roots reggae selector Bramma Shanti. 

    Bramma Roots Vol.2

    Living as a selector/engineer in Jamaica, Bramma Shanti stays up to the time with what is new in roots reggae music, providing a showcase for the new generation of roots reggae artists. New roots vibrations features brand new reggae from Ken Booth, Spiritual, Glen Washington, Fari Di Future and more. - KNG2LA

    Bramma Shanti MIXCLOUD

    Bramma blog
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    We present to you an artist from Jamaica and his new single Can't Cut We Vibes

    Bryan Art bw

    Bryan Joseph Grant was born in Murray Mount, a rural community in the Parish of Saint Ann, Jamaica, a few miles away from Nine Mile, where Reggae legend Bob Marley was born. Bryan, the youngest of 12 children, comes from a home where most of his family members were musically inclined.his first steps in music came from his mother who taught him how to play the guitar, but his love for making music came from his older brother Ray, a musician and singer who had several recordings. Bryan left Murray Mount in the late 1980s and moved to Kingston, Jamaica and in the mid `1990's attends The Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts. While attending the College, he is discovered and recruited by George Miller (Fyah George), band leader of the Firehouse Crew. He is asked to join the band as lead guitarist, providing musical support for artists like Luciano, Sizzla and Mikey General. Later he became the co-founder and band leader of Grass Roots Band, which supported and toured with Reggae artist Bushman and also filled in occasionally as a guitarist on tours with Black Uhuru.

    Bryan art 1

    He released his first album intitled "20Ten" in 2010 and three years later the next one named "Bryan Art". Besides that, he has also two EP's and recorded several singles on 45" vinyl records in 2001 until 2009 under the name Brah Yhan and Brahyhan Art. After 2009 he changed his stage name to Bryan Art, released his first album and focused more on digital distribution. His most notable releases are "Rock And Come In" and "Get It" and most of his music is a fusion of reggae, roots, dancehall, lovers rock and other music genres. 

    He was also named Best New Artist in the year 2002 by Television Jamaica's Entertainment Report television show. Today Bryan Art is a songwriter, producer, musician, guitarist and his face can also be seen in a movie.

    Not long ago Bryan Art released his new single. "Can't Cut Wi Vibes" has just hit the streets, and it's success has been immediate. In the face of "diminishing standards", and other social challenges affecting the local entertainment industry, Jamaicans and people in general, "Can't Cut Wi Vibes" by Bryan Art seems to be the new song of cheer and hope. The G-Block production team, a subsidiary of Gumption Global, has changed the script and infused an exotic Pop, Reggae, World Beat sound that has rocketed into heavy rotation on Jamaican radio stations. "Can't Cut We Vibes" is the first single on this new label and will feature on the upcoming Bryan Art EP that should be released early in 2018.

    "This is a new Jamaican anthem", says Rolando "Phanso" Wilson of G-Block Records.

    Bryan Art

    Also check out and follow Bryan Art at his official pages:




    Bramma blog
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    Verse iTal 2

    Verse iTal A.K.A. Stefan Wilson comes from Trinidad and Tobago. His childhood musical influences ranged from local calypso legends like Lord Kitchener, the King of Pop Michael Jackson, all the way to dancehall icons like Buju Banton. In early 2000 he relocated to Philadelphia where he discovered hip-hop and that today is just another branch of his many musical tastes. Philadelphia would also be the place where Verse iTal would find Rastafari. After 5 years in Philadelphia, Verse returned home with music in his mind and heart. He worked as a part-timemathematics teacher and used his spare time to fine-tune his craft with the help of producers, friends and fellow artists who saw potential in the young artist. Bursting on the scene in 2008 with the songs “Nyquil” and “Jah Puzzle”, both produced by Azikiwe Kellar, Verse iTal presented himself as a fast chanting reggae artist. The combination of singing and chanting, which defines Verse’s sound today, was born in the crossover hit “BluePrint”, released in early 2010. His singjay sound can be heard also in releases like “Pon D Hillside” and the timeless “Spring Water”.

    In 2013, on the heels of releasing his smash hit “Never Hurt”, produced by Germany’s Culture Rock Records, Verse iTal moved to the Netherlands where he competed on Benelux Reggae Competition in 2014 and won. This led to his performances at many big music festivals including Reggae Geel and Smile Festival. One year later the Culture Rock produced EP “Truth And Substance” was released, highlighting the artist's versatility and call for righteousness, best represented in the infectious anthem “Want No Part”.

    Today the artist continues to grow and tries to keep high standards! All this can be seen in his live performances and newest releases. Verse iTal moves forward blazing a fire, always putting quality over quantity when it comes to his music. We can expect a new album from him in the year 2018!



    Until then follow the artist on his official pages:

    Verse iTal WEB PAGE



    Bramma blog
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    Massive! platform from Slovenia is becoming a Label! We present - Koneski and The Story of dying Sun!

    MSRD001 SC Banner

    We can state as a fact that this release from Koneski is just a begining of Massive's great journey! This promising young producer has a pile of music just impatiently waiting for you to hear. For a taste here are six songs with interesting titles, such as might be his music style. His knowledge of music will impress you, while his passion will blow you away. All that is felt trough his music. Prepare yourself for a heavy bass that will instantly fill your room with pure dub-styled music from one drops, stepperz and much more. Throughout his music young producer Koneski embarks on a story that reaches deepest emotions and long forgotten relationships of life. It’s a true sound system based music just like Massive! platform that promotes the sound system culture trough events that they organize.

    Koneski MASSIVE Album MSR001

    We are thrilled to announce that Massive! proudly presents premier release with Koneski and his story - The Story Of Dying Sun. Allow yourself to get driven away by eternal echos, delays and the deepest frequencies that can be heard by human ears. The release of the full album will be on 30th of March 2018! Album will be available on Bandcamp!


    Follow MASSIVE! platform for news and new releases on official pages:




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    New Kingston is a family group consisting of brothers Tahir, Courtney Jr., and Stephen along with their father, Courtney Panton, Sr. Before turning his sons on to reggae music, father, Courtney Sr. was an active member in Jamaica's and later on also the New York's reggae scene. He moved to New York in the 80's and laid down the foundation for his sons, encouraging them to play music instruments he gathered over the years. The three brothers first started as a cover band, playing Bob Marley, Earth, Wind & Fire and other music at parties and gatherings around their neighborhood. In 2010 they became focused on their own writing and music.


    Their music is a fusion of R&B, hip-hop and dancehall with traditional reggae sounds from Jamaica. You would think New Kingston is a fresh group, but you couldn't be more wrong! Their first self-released album came out in 2010 named In The Streets and was a mix of dancehall and reggae music, featuring Collie Buddz, Mr. vegas and others. In 2013 they released Kingston University, which landed them a deal with Easy Star Records. From then on, the only way for the group was up. Under the label Easy Star they released their third album Kingston City and the album was quickly #1 on the Billboard Reggae Chart. Later on came the album named Kingston Fyah. Their newest project was released in August 2017 called A Kingston Story: Come From Far.

    40954 image 599ee97b6df87

    Released under the label Easy Star Records, A Kingston Story: Come From Far was recorded in their home studio in Brooklyn, NY, with the help of sound engineer Fabian Cooke. The album features nine songs and a bonus track named Browne's Interlude, a short sequence played by bass legend Glen Browne. Luckily all three sons have strong, melodic and soulful voices so no background singers were needed to show the full sound spectrum of the group. You can feel it in their studio works, but it really stands out in their live-performances, reflecting the groups Jamaican heritage. No auto- tune or riddims produced in advance, A Kingston Story; Come From Far is an honest and a very personal take on Reggae Music.

    Courtney Panton Jr.: "There’s always a moment in life where we subconsciously show gratitude to where we are now by reflecting on where we came from. Come From Far is our experience; as a family, as musicians and as human beings living in a world where anything is possible."

    “Everyone has a journey they are on or one that has ended. It all starts somewhere and we are no different. We have ‘come from far’ but ‘look how far we haffi go’.” said Stephen.


    Check out more about the New Kingston on their official sites:





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