Writen by: V.V.

This time we are presenting a rising stare of dancehall music, Jamaican singer Fyah Wariyah: the Congo rebel, who came to the front last March with his first singgle 'Congo Bongo'.

Dwayne Jerome Thomas, better known as Fyah Wariyah, is a young man born on the 27th of June 1988 who spent his childhood running on the streets of rural Jamaica. He was raised together with his brothers and sisters by his grandparents. The interest he has in music developed very early, starting to practice his deeyaing skills in primary school. He said in an interview that Sizzla Kalonji was the one who influcenced him the most, with his very charachteristic rythems. To those Fyah added his own style of melodic singing. He wrote his first song 'Get to know you' while going to Claude Mckay's high school, which is where he realised music is what makes him happy and is the sole purpose of his life.


Fyah moved to Kingston in 2009 and listening to all the artist who 'be doin dem ting' he took his music even more seriously. In one oh the interviews he expresses the hope that his fresh look and unique lyrics, backed up with dancehall beats will secure him a place in the music industry. After a very well recieved concert that was part of the event 'trip to Mexico' he realised that cooperation with the public is what gives him energy and will bring him even further in the music industry. Since he is still a fresh face on the scene he asked for the help of Promo king, an artist working under Skeng Legacy Records. With his work and by securing Fyah a regular spot on the radio stations, the artist is now on a good path to take the next steps in his music career.


The music and lyrics of his songs have positive thoughts as their most important theme. He makes it more than clear that he is not a part of the 'badman culture' and that his music is strictly of a modern roots kind. With the messages of his songs he addresess the youths, encouraging them to be positive, motivated, and treat women with love and respect that they deserve. His first single was followed by 'Who Jah Love', 'Don't you give away my love', and 'Politician', while this year he already released two new dancehall hits 'Champion' and 'Tradition'. Definetly one to keep in mind.