As a youngster growing up in East Kingston, Camar Andre Doyles, more known as Camar Flava knew that he wanted to pursue a career in music, but more so he wanted his musical influence to be groundbreaking and unique.

Flava is now a multifaceted recording artiste, writer, composer, musician & producer. With his artistic ability to construct ingenious lyrics and his fresh, new trend in music, coupled with his suave, ladies man appeal the artiste set out with the burning desire to pierce the international market. His unique singing style and lyrics have been touching people since he first entered the business.

With his incredible and energetic stage presence ignited by the heat of his soulful voice, Camar Flava is the embodiment of an authentic recording artiste, he is versatile, he’s an exceptional performer, and has a tremendous musical track record that speaks volumes. Flava has indeed proven that he possesses both talent and passion in overwhelming abundance.

2018 has proven to be an intensifying year for Camar FLAVA as he consistently released a plethora of amazing singles, undeniably satisfying to the ears of dancehall and reggae fans. His latest works includes: The single "Sekkle Nuh" produced by Grammy Nominated producer Kurt “Party Animal” Riley of Mega Jamz FM, Jamaica, this track shows an adept Camar FLAVA creative spin on social commentary packaged as an exciting club banger.
The single "Tight Tight" produced by FLAVA’s owned Block 17 Productions; shows the versatility of Camar FLAVA, the producer, songwriter and singer- displaying his adept skill to spit lyrics on a vibrant dancehall beat blending his addictive tune and melody.
Turn It Up Loud!
Its follow-up single “Touch Back” produced by Block 17 Productions and Othneil “Neil” Prince (guitarist for Chris Martin)- is an absolutely “heat” driven track for lovers of a dancehall “love” song. This track is destined to create heatwaves for the holiday season into next year!


He has also had a successful year as a producer and co-producer, joining the Jambian Music Group led by Kurt “Party Animal” Riley, working with the likes of renown producer and longtime friend Teetimus and producing tracks for several artistes in Jamaica and the diaspora such as; Gyptian, Franz Capone and Karlito Graffix to name a few.