Massive! platform from Slovenia is becoming a Label! We present - Koneski and The Story of dying Sun!

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We can state as a fact that this release from Koneski is just a begining of Massive's great journey! This promising young producer has a pile of music just impatiently waiting for you to hear. For a taste here are six songs with interesting titles, such as might be his music style. His knowledge of music will impress you, while his passion will blow you away. All that is felt trough his music. Prepare yourself for a heavy bass that will instantly fill your room with pure dub-styled music from one drops, stepperz and much more. Throughout his music young producer Koneski embarks on a story that reaches deepest emotions and long forgotten relationships of life. It’s a true sound system based music just like Massive! platform that promotes the sound system culture trough events that they organize.

Koneski MASSIVE Album MSR001

We are thrilled to announce that Massive! proudly presents premier release with Koneski and his story - The Story Of Dying Sun. Allow yourself to get driven away by eternal echos, delays and the deepest frequencies that can be heard by human ears. The release of the full album will be on 30th of March 2018! Album will be available on Bandcamp!


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