New Kingston is a family group consisting of brothers Tahir, Courtney Jr., and Stephen along with their father, Courtney Panton, Sr. Before turning his sons on to reggae music, father, Courtney Sr. was an active member in Jamaica's and later on also the New York's reggae scene. He moved to New York in the 80's and laid down the foundation for his sons, encouraging them to play music instruments he gathered over the years. The three brothers first started as a cover band, playing Bob Marley, Earth, Wind & Fire and other music at parties and gatherings around their neighborhood. In 2010 they became focused on their own writing and music.


Their music is a fusion of R&B, hip-hop and dancehall with traditional reggae sounds from Jamaica. You would think New Kingston is a fresh group, but you couldn't be more wrong! Their first self-released album came out in 2010 named In The Streets and was a mix of dancehall and reggae music, featuring Collie Buddz, Mr. vegas and others. In 2013 they released Kingston University, which landed them a deal with Easy Star Records. From then on, the only way for the group was up. Under the label Easy Star they released their third album Kingston City and the album was quickly #1 on the Billboard Reggae Chart. Later on came the album named Kingston Fyah. Their newest project was released in August 2017 called A Kingston Story: Come From Far.

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Released under the label Easy Star Records, A Kingston Story: Come From Far was recorded in their home studio in Brooklyn, NY, with the help of sound engineer Fabian Cooke. The album features nine songs and a bonus track named Browne's Interlude, a short sequence played by bass legend Glen Browne. Luckily all three sons have strong, melodic and soulful voices so no background singers were needed to show the full sound spectrum of the group. You can feel it in their studio works, but it really stands out in their live-performances, reflecting the groups Jamaican heritage. No auto- tune or riddims produced in advance, A Kingston Story; Come From Far is an honest and a very personal take on Reggae Music.

Courtney Panton Jr.: "There’s always a moment in life where we subconsciously show gratitude to where we are now by reflecting on where we came from. Come From Far is our experience; as a family, as musicians and as human beings living in a world where anything is possible."

“Everyone has a journey they are on or one that has ended. It all starts somewhere and we are no different. We have ‘come from far’ but ‘look how far we haffi go’.” said Stephen.


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