Photo: FB / Yeza Music

Roots reggae singer Yeza was born in Jamaica. From East Kingston, community of Bull Bay she graduated at the University of the West Indies. Her name Yeza derives from the name Yezambique and means ‘Strength and Resilience’ in Swahili. She is also known as the "Star of the East". With her music she wants to liberate African minds. 

Photo: FB / Yeza Music

She is steadily building her fan base locally and aims to make an impact on the world through her music, lyrics and beautiful yet militant stance and mentality. Releasing the song and music video for her first single "Everything is Irie", things are quickly changing for her as she is more and more known worldwide. The song was recorded at the legendary Digital B Recording Studio on the classic ‘Hot Milk’ riddim. The singer is confident about her debut single. She wrote the lyrics and the song was produced with Calibud Music & Universal Reggae Sounds.  

"The song is an encouragement for everyone, no matter who you are or what stage of life you are in, despite any challenge, to maintain a positive attitude," said Yeza. 

“We juxtaposed real life with abstract images to give the audience the ‘a day in the life’ vibe with Yeza, but also kept it edgy with cool locations and colorful styling. Real images with real youths touching the road making moves and music,” explains Mykal Cushnie, who directed the video shoot.

She is currently recording with Calibud Music, Equinoxx Music and Supa Nova in preparation for the release of her debut EP "Rebel on the Run". With her fan base steadily growing, this beautiful and militant artist is working her way up in the music industry and will one day almost certain become one of the worldwide known stars of reggae music.

Photo: FB / Yeza Music

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