If we really want to know who Delphine is we have to go back in time. Back to the year 2011.


That year some well known song writers wrote ten or so pop-groove songs for her and she was about to sign a contract with major music label. After some thinking and considering she knew that this is not her path and that she didn't want to be just another singer. The only option for her was her biggest passion, reggae music. In 2012 she decided to join Marcel Sawuri’s and Tony Nephtali’s band as a backing vocalist and at the same time she sang with “57 Roots Band”. She will always be faithful to this band. Three musicians from this band are still members of the team and have written for “Blue Soul”. Very quickly Delphine started writing her own songs with Tony Nephtali. The duo performed either in acoustic or were backed up by Hotta Faya Band in France, Belgium, Italy, Luxemburg and Germany for about 200 concerts including many first opening parts: Pierpoljak, Culture, Clinton Fearon, Tonton David, Amsterdam Klezmer Band, Anthony B, Richard Bohringer, Sir Samuel, Roman Electric Bandand Yaniss Odua…Early in 2014 she decided to start a solo career and to write her own self-produced album. She was supported in her project by all the people who had been following and encouraging her for years and who precisely know and understand all about the musical universe she wants to offer.

"In order not to waste time, be efficient and do what I like, I preferred taking over everything" she said.

She wanted the best musicians and engineers from France or abroad even if she had to go to London, United States or Jamaica. She borrowed money and invested most of her wages in this project, her efforts, patience and hard work paid off. In the process of creating her first album she learned and discovered a lot about music industry. In September 2015 or as she likes to say on September 12th 2015 at 2:00 pm precisely she decided to send her song "Music" to Tuff Gong International with a detailed presentation of her project and work. Days passed to weeks, weeks to month and there was no answer. She continued her project and the production of her album when one day, the right-hand of Cedella Marley sent her this short message: "I love it!" And her album "Blue Soul" was born. "Blue Soul" is rich with Delphine's experiences, her long singing history and her pop, blues, soul and reggae vibes. During this long road she became friends with many musicians and other artists, but her goal has never changed. To become a real profesional singer.

"I think people can get to know much about me when they listen to this album" she says.

She signed a contract for the album "Blue Soul" with Tuff Gong International who is in charge for digital distribution around the globe and the promotion of the album in the USA and the Caribbean. As an "active artist" Delphine wanted her album to be sold in France and she did that with the help of BS World and Quart de Lune in March 2017.

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