Hiya Flames is coming to Austria on 24.8.2017!!! He will perform in Face Cafe Club Lounge next to Giddian Solider, River Gambia Sound, DJ Kpako, DJ Saf Nech and MC Ziggy D. It is probably the closest concert to Slovenia on this Summer Tour, so we would recommend all fans to attend it. 

We have presented young upcoming artist Hiya Flames to you already, on our web page (here) but a quick introduction anyway, just to refresh your memory:

Eurlando Kwesi Ontonio Williams, also known a Hiya Flames was born in the musical parish of Kingston on July 13, 1991. He grew up with his grandmother miss Pearl Manning from a young age. She taught him proper life principles and good behavior which remains incorporated in his lifestyle today. Hiya Flames started out in music at a very tender age inspired by a major sound system He traveled with owned by his family named Agony Disco. Hiya Flames left Kingston In 2006 along with his family to the parish of Clarendon where he met up with friends with musical minds and talent. He recorded his first two songs with his idrens Hamma One and Radish as a collaboration. With the true guidance of Jah, he and others started Nik-y Production where he recorded great music, developed and generated his musical skills. From there he met up with Fire Royal Records where he recorded a number of songs. Hiya Flames cites Rastafari as a true way of life to express his self positively through his lifestyle. Acknowledging his African roots Hiya Flames changed his legal name from Eurlando to Wondo In 2002. The inspiration of Rastafari to his music lead him to acknowledge that music is to motivate the mind of the people and strengthen them mentally. Hiya Flames Trods the music with true integrity and determination. Hiya Flames has been featured on TvJ Roll Out, Mediazone, Multiple interviews with Blackrok Radio, Among other international interviews over recent years. Patron's of Jamaica can look forward to seeing Hiya Flames Every Month On Stage As His bookings have been steady. Hiya Flames is currently apart of the Fiwi Media Jamaica Island Tour and was a stallworth in last years edition. He is currently Booking a European Tour For Late Summer 2017.




Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1954891868060160/

Official FACEBOOK page HIYA FLAMES: https://www.facebook.com/Icranablewarrior/?fref=ts