Eurlando Kwesi Ontonio Williams, also known as Hiya Flames was born on July 13, 1991. He grew up with his grandmother in Kingston, Jamaica. His grandmother taught him important values and life principles that are incorporated in his daily lifestyle.



His spirit for entertainment was noticed at a young age. He was brought up in the district of Waltham Park on Crescent road where he attended the Crescent Road Basic School. He then moved on to The St. Peter's Claver Primary and then advanced to Denham Town High School where he took education as a serious priority. But his involvement in music began when he was just a child. He travelled with a sound system owned by his family named Agony Disco across Kingston. Watching his eldest cousin Nero Marshall singing on the sound system, his involvement in music was inevitable. The name Hiya Flames comes from one of his musical brothers named Hotta Flame whom he respects very dearly. Hiya Flames left Kingston in 2006 along with his family to the parish of Clarendon where he connected with other friends with musical minds and talent.


He recorded his first two songs with his musical brothers Hamma One and Radish as a collaboration. Soon he and others started Nik-y Production where he recorded great music, developed and generated his musical skills. Hiya Flames recorded a number of song also for Fire Royal Records. He sees Rastafarian as a true way of life to express himself positively throughout his lifestyle and music.  The great ones who walked this musical road before taught him about one god, one aim, one destiny. Brain power is the main power. Acknowledging his African roots Hiya Flames changed his legal name from Eurlando to Wondo In 2002. The inspiration of Rastafari lead him to acknowledge that music is here to motivate the mind of the people and strengthen them mentally. Hiya Flames always creates his music with true integrity and great determination to share his message with reggae community, following Rastafarian guides. Or as he would say:

"Jah Jah H.I.M. a guide we, he stand beside me, he shineth the light."



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