Mark Andrew Thompson, better known as Mark Wonder was born in Kingston, Jamaica but grew up in the city of Manchester in England. If the name Wonder associates you with another musician, you are probably right. His surname was "borrowed" from a giant pop icon of the 80s, Stevie Wonder, his favorite singer.

His first recording of music began in the late eighties. His musical talent and love for the music came from his mother, who loved singers of soul music. To this, Mark only added his natural talent and combined genres of Jamaican legends such as Denis Brown and Bob Marley. This combination has proven to be pure gold! Soon he became one of Jamaica's most promising singers and musicians. The first songs were released in 1988 including the legendary "Caution", "Girl I Like Your Style" and "We Rule", which he recorded for producer named Mauricio "Jack Scorpio 'Johnson, better known as Black Scorpio sound system. Soon also for King Jammy, Blue Mountain and Trinity Records. His musical career got a new twist when he was introduced to producer Milton Moore in the nineties, by the dub poet DYCR. His amateur singing has today evolved in to almost 30 years lasting career.



His first album "Signs Of The Times" was released in 1996 for Dutch label Zola & Zola. Until today, Mark Wonder already released nine albums and more are still to come! He has collaborated with many renowned artists such as Sizzla, Capleton, Luciano, Gentleman... From his first album on, Mark Wonder was proclaimed as one of those artists, who would fill the gap that the great Garnett Silk left behind. Although his singles and the "Jeremiah" album established him in the music industry, he thinks his newest work will actually 'Break The Ice' for Mark Wonder and make him a household name wherever roots reggae is enjoyed.

His incisive texts that speak of contemporary issues in Jamaica and around the world, and songs with titles like "So Much War", are rapidly gaining new fans who think the same. Frequent traveling throughout Europe, particularly in Switzerland and the Netherlands have helped him to open his mind and realize the things that he never would have thought before. He says that he found many like-minded people in Europe who oppose the system in the same way as he did and is still doing it. He remembers that once in Rome he met people who were thrilled when "Rasta" criticizes the Pope. Wonder says that the roots music is popular in Europe for many years now between the rebels and people who think as him, while acknowledging that Shaggy and Sean Paul greatly expanded the reggae network, because you can see a lot of influence and love for dancehall music as well.



With his universal style of music and voice, it is difficult to be still at his performances. When you hear his songs, you cannot resist and you quickly start dancing to the rhythm or sing along with the melody. The positive energy that he creates on stage is addictive and you will quickly catch everybody enjoying his concert. The fact is that every true fan of reggae music can only smile with excitement when Mark Wonder comes through his town and that joy we will soon be able to experience at club ZOO in Ljubljana, Slovenia!