Jah Bami's new mixtape Suave Dub released on his earthstrong And Ethiopian Christmas 'Genna' January 7, 2017 contains a selection of 19 tracks, original and remixes, including one pan version, the Trinidadian national instrument Jah Bami is playing passionately.



Mixed and edited by belgian selector and Jah Bami's manager Bramma Shanti,who recorded part of the tunes. The musical variety of the 47minutes long mixtape, reaches from reggae over dub to steppas and gives the listener a taste of Jah Bamis wide range.

With Suave Dub team Jah Bami set off to adventures using the old and the new tunes on a new projects coming up.


Let us just add that Suve Dub mixtape is free to download! You can download it on with a click on this line.


Any questions you may have about mixtape/dub plates/booking you can send them to:

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