Dana Bernard is a twenty-seven year old singer / singjay, song writer, recording and performing artist. She was born to teenage parents in the harsh inner cities of Kingston, Jamaica in late 1980s and grew up with her extended family where her grandmother was the head of the household.



"My father was the first who introduced me to reggae music, as he would always listen to Irie FM radio".

Growing up, young Aza soon realized she could sing and would often do so for friends, schoolmates and family members. At the age of sixteen she did her first recording which was a dub plate for a New York based sound system and little did she know it had gotten quite a response. On leaving high school she went to work in the hotel industry as an Entertainment Coordinator. Several years later she gave birth to a divine baby girl and at that moment, her life changed as her consciousness opened to a new higher level. She found Rastafari way of life and always thanks "Rasta" energy for changing her thinking. She brought African Spirituality to her awareness and that connected her to her roots.
On this journey she was relinked with the Lineage Family members (as they all grew up in the same community), to become the first active female of the Lineage movement. At this point music began playing a very important role in her life and she started writing seriously. Those who know Aza and are around her often say she is a "a vessel of messages".



The Lineage Family started attending a weekly cultural open mic dub events called Dub School, held on the grounds of the Jah Ova Evil Studio where they met the members of the Jah Ova Evil movement. Aza Lineage was encouraged to sing and that she did. Her singing and messages were received well so they continued attending on a weekly basis. We could say without a doubt that Jah Ova Evil Studio became her training grounds. Along with the Lineage Family she started to attend other weekly cultural dub events named Kingston Dub Club, Inner City Dub, Sankofa Sessions, and Vinyl Thursdays, where she was able to sing and produce several features that have gain good responses.



Under the musical guidance of Kevin Lineage Morrison (Lineage founder) and Jahnoi "Selah" Nunes (Jah Ova Evil Engineer) she is working
continuously on developing her skills and talent as a well rounded hard core reggae artist. She believes that will be an advance to the nation, especially the youths, staying true to "Word Sound Power" mentality and lyrics to spark your mind. Aza Lineage is currently working with local based producers as well as producers overseas on singles to be released in 2017. "Love Alone", "Plant Up The Herbs" and "Smoke Weed Today" are just a few of them and they should be released soon. Each song is a product of working and collaborating with different producers.

Aza Lineage is young, talented and hardworking artist. If you didn't hear about her already we are certain you soon will... One way or the other!