The other day I picked up the new WUDUB!? BABYLON-EP, his third so farand while I was checking

it out I couldn' t help but to write down these few lines, since compelling images started to flash

through my head at full speed.



A-side immediately hits it off, by a combination of minimal yet effective  

kicks & snares, that carry a deliciously slow and sensual as ever LISA BENNETT,

supported by convincing sounding Jamaican vocalist INFINITE,

and listening to the guy no doubt in my mind that his voice BE heard.

Hoarsely sung 'Call On Me' has a pleasant festival-feel, topics the concept and

meaning of friendship in a style only to be described as reggae wudubby dub,

and seems a pretty decent way to commence both this LP,

as well as summer that is upon us.

Second on A, titled 'Collie', introduces an uplifting playful melodica tune to pave the way and

make susceptible for the (among connaisseurs I hear) specific charisma-driven

vocal chords of RAS TINNY.

I instantly make a mental picture of an Irish Friendly Hermit Giant coming to town,

bringing a strong spiritual message in harsh times,

armed to the teeth with integrity, and soul.

Hammering away pounding bass lines, swinging 4-to-the floor-kicks into the arena.

Like a devoted zen master who needs to hit you, in order for you to learn,

bathing in lucid dreamy states, finishing with grandeur, spectacle and showmanship.


Only moments into side B I'm taken by surprise, when I notice there are 2 completely

distinct styles on this record. While side A feels quite roots,

side B may very well offer a glimpse of evolution and future within this genre.


First track 'Maintain', a true ballad that hacks away musically with mesmerizing intensity and  hypnotizing atmosphere, proves to be most impressive in its subtlety.

A real stuck-in-your-head kinda track, I discover during the rest of the day, an anachronistic classic in a world that has yet to come.

Its sweeping violin resembles a raizorsharp blade cutting through the existential void

that surrounds us, societal emptiness that both binds and unites, as well as separates & divides us.  With a passion-fuelled preaching SAIMN-I, who spreads hope despite struggle, raises consciousness, comforts.

A beautiful and clever fusion of dub, reggae, hiphop and deep dubstep, and a worthy acquisition for my collection.


Last song 'Rastaman Style' is the audacious, bulky newborn offspring & diabolical result

of the initial unlikely collaboration between 2 unusual characters.

One being CENTROID, a chiptune artist who obviously saw a few more dimensions

than the rest of us on the gameboyscreen, where from he funneled his melancholic melody

and skank to lure us down into deep dark dungeons, enter his private -hunt or be hunted- gamemania-mension and far beyond that, into the gamemania-verse he dwells in.


Having joined forces with our own trusty BABYLONBUSTER, sounding here like an angry prophet

(who doesn't let his mood be spoilt & still manages to have fun in the process),

semi-automatically machinegunning strong lyrics that floath and roar

through the plastic universe on a -lowest key on the keyboard- steady heavy base

that resonates hard in the bones.

This is a -crazy-enough-it-might-just-work combo, that sure delivers,

in nothing short of heart and spirit, spiked with humour, theatricals,

and totally in the zone.


A tale of Protest & Uprise, revolting with attitude, mobilizing to keep your chin up and hope alive in Babylon.



I have a confession to make!

I'm not an expert regarding these types of music, but I admit I am pleased by this LP.

WUDUB!? keeps steppin' up further, succeeds to find ways to polish up his (though a previous already fairly clean) sound even more and consistently shows increase in quality, both esthetically and content wise.


Contrast between side A and B is unmistakeable,

but complementary, sequence of tracks well thought through,

intended to make this vinyl kosmologically & alchemically complete,

day/night, sun/moon, and an elegant harmony and balance is thus become.


Side A feels rather warm, organic, has a reassuring relaxing vibe to bring you in the mood, but meanwhile steampreps to experience the funky android dark matter style that soon will hit you, and the synthetic nine-headed whip slashing electronics WUDUB!? is about to viciously

bombard you with...


Meanwhile I'm KEEPin' IT DUB!


Tobias G.M.M. Reyntjens

aka Tobi-wan-Kenobi

aka T1-K.O!