New Rockers Mixtape out, "Back a Yard" edition is full of new tunes from new talents out of Jamaica. If u know the song "Nuff Sessions" from Exile di Brave, then you heard how he described a party week inna Kingston. There's a daily offer with Vinyl Thursday, Innercity Dub, Kingston Dubclub, Dubschool, Dubwize and more ....

The concept soundsystem came from Jamaica, from the time where artists come to a dance, grab the mic and sing a song on the sound system and entertain the crowed. Nowadays this still exists and from doing all these parties, I discovered a whole new fresh generation "New Rockers" talents and upcoming artists. In this mix I wanna give them strength and push/support them someway over JAMSTYLE RENEGADE RADIO waves, but also promote over the internet! 

In this mix you can hear some brilliant songs from mi General EESAH "Will Power", Roots by Nature "City of Jah", Samory I "African Daughter", Marla Brown, Ras I, Runkus, Royal Blu, Makonen and way more! 

Music is a mission , not a competition! So support the artist , support the music & support the culture and Jah shall reward You!!