Weekend time inna Jamaica! Sunday is a chill day for most people in Jamaica, time to relax and hold a vibe! A tradition is spending time with family but also go to a beach ;) and since a few years we can add a very nice event on sunday evening calls KINGSTON DUBCLUB, hosted and brought by Gabre Selassie.

Since a while Dubclub changed location on to the hill tops of Kingston. The location must be one of the most beautifull me see and went to so far! 




Once U enter Dubclub there are different ares to chill and build a vibe! In the back U have the balcony where U can overview the Kingston nightlife. U can overlook the whole Kingston and it's was at that moment me realize how big Kingston actually is! It's large and alive 24/7 !

The balcony with greenhouse was recently builded to give more access to visitors and that was really necessary, cuz same way like Vinyl Thursdays, Dubclub receives a lot of Roots Reggae lovers from allover the world! A meeting point for real Reggae Addicts and also a place to network and link up with artists, promotors, ....

First time me went to dub club, me met promotors from Big festivals inna Europe and UK, me also met radio personalities and nuff artists as well. It's me 3th time now and in that time me meet up with artists like Samory I, Mark Wonder, Micah Shemaiah, Kiddus I, Exile Di Brave, Ky-enie,....

Back to the venue...

Next to the balcony U have a nice leveled area where U can dance to the vibes, provided by a big sound system and also a fire place to heat up the body or the steamers area ;) Like on festivals U can also do a little shopping for Rasta wear of lecture! 

Gabre Selassie provided the vibes with a wicked selection of Rockers and New Rockers balanced out inna dub style! Mi tell U vibes up !!! Time to skank ya feet and move to the beat !!! 


Its a must for everybody who love Reggae Music and Jamaica to visit this place! 
U will be blown away by everything, cuz it's very hard to describe what I felt and saw,
trust me, but me also hope me convinced U to go and enjoy the vibes !!!!