Vinyl Thursday is a weekly meeting for all Roots Reggae Lovers. The concept brings back the old school vibes from  Roots Reggae Rockers to dub and that inna strictly vinyl style. That “Vinyl Thursday” is a fast growing event, as U can see it on the amount of people there from  allover the world, week after week the amount of visitors is growing, all the way  from  Belgium, Germany, France, Uk .... Unity is strength !

Let me first talk about the unique location. Vinyl Thursday is held at Regal Plaza - Veggie Meals on Wheels yard  in Kingston. Its a little green paradise if you compare with the rest of the plaza, U feel like in nature,  knowing a big street  next to it.  In the venue you can find a big food truck at back, with very nice Ital Food, must tell U it’s very tasty.

Back to the Vibes, I told you Vinyl Thursday is a strictly vinyl party with nuff oldskool music inna Rockers styles mixed with some new Rockers. Every week U can listen to guest selecta’s from allover the world ! I played jan 14 at Vinyl Thursday. I have to tell U the vibes nice ! The forwards very nice and completely different then in Belgium, other responses then what I’m used to in Belgium. One song can get a pull-up for 3-4 times ! 

Another very nice things bout Vinyl Thursday is the opportunity to see live artists at work. And when I say artists, I mean nuff artists because at the session where I played, U could enjoy live performance from Mikey General, Mark Wonder, Eesah, Exile Di Brave, Kazam, Rassi Hardknocks, Aza Linea, Lisa Bennett and more. Vinyl Thursday is a perfect and heartical weekly happening where youths, upcoming artists but also the veterans can spread the vibes ! Not only artists from Jamaica touch the mic but also artist who come from all over the world share the vibes with the massive ! 

Last week at Vinyl Thursday was no different then the week before: BARE NICE VIBES ! 

The line up was sharp with Addis Pablo who represent Suns of Dub inna collab with Roots by Nature outa Ghana. The madd dj outta Toronto Choppa Chop, King Harar and once again a lot of live action.

The vibes of the night were TUN UP !! Like every Vinyl Thursday , King Harar aka Natty kicks of the night with an old school Roots selection hosted by the EDB crew Exile Di Brave, Kazam, Infinite and Rassi Hardknocks. U cannot dream of a party like that in Belgium trust me !  

After the warm up session from the King Harar sound, there was time for the Suns of Dub to give the best and they surely did. 

Suns of Dub recently released the brand new album “Far East” and we could enjoy sum brand new tunes from the album . Then the time has come for the live action. 

Addis brought a special guest all we way from Ghana, Africa no other then Roots by Nature. First time I linked up with the bredda in real life since I discovered his music months ago. 

Roots by Nature is original Roots Reggae music from Africa who recently did a collab with Suns of Dub named: DUB CITY ! U soon can listen the song and dubversion on Jamstyle Renegade Radio ;) 

Team Suns of dub came up with a wicked selection backed by Addis himself pon the melodica, the djembe and vibes up ! 

Choppa Chop time right now to bless up the desks with his selection. Like the name explains, Choppa Chop love to jungle the roots rub a dub inna fast juggling 'style .

The booth was ram packed with artist to sing, the first segment was for the EDB crew itself followed by nuff upcomming artists like Aza Lineage, Lisa Bennett, Cookie The Herbalist, …. before it was time for “My Dream” Nesbeth who brought his 2 number one tunes , Ole Ganga Lee & My Dream followed by a madd forward and the version get pulled-up several times. 

This was the warm up for what comes next ! Special guest in the place tonight was the veteran DJ Ranking Joe who blessed up the place with 2 wicked tunes.!  Give thanks for the mad vibes Vinyl Thursday ! Up Way Up !!

Everybody who forward to Jamaica most def need to pass by and enjoy the vibes to the fullest ! Every Thursday at Regal Plaza Kingston Vinyl thursday